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Yesterday was the equinox, so happy official spring everybody!

Here in Seattle, the trees and flowers have decided to blossom with a vengeance!  I swear, when I even look outside my nose starts running, and I begin to sneeze uncontrollably.  Not ideal, sure, but does that stop me from picking flowers and bringing them inside?  Ha! Histamines be damned!  I’m going to enjoy spring!

But, maybe I should just stick to only non-allergy-producing flowers.  Maybe I could work up some adorable knit floral patterns like these:

It’s not quite warm here- a damp chill in the 40s and 50s, so a lovely blanket like this, strewn with gorgeous flower motifs would be just the ticket!

Frida’s Flowers Blanket by Jane Crowfoot

12794767_10209072076018969_2032870089130453054_o_medium2[1]If I had a little girl, I would totally make her this darling cardigan.  (I wonder if my dog would be willing to put up with a sweater like this… hmm.)

Flower Cardigan by Ewelina Murachback_1_medium2[1]And, I have to admit that my teapot is shockingly naked at the moment.  Maybe I should work up this warm-looking tea cozy strewn with adorable little violets and leaves.

Floral Knitted Tea Cosy by Madame Weigel2093437863_88361d4cf1_z[1]I suppose I should just admit to myself that I’ll be stuck in the house, hiding from pollen until July.  I guess I just need to curl up under a nice, warm blanket like this one and watch a lot of Netflix, until spring is done and summer is in full swing.  (I suppose there are worse things to do.)

Floral Baby Blanket by Adi Kerenpic_medium2[1]

What’s the flower situation like in your neck of the woods?  Have your daffodils come up yet, or your cherry trees blossomed?

Inspiration: Sugar Skulls

We won!  We won!  I’m very excited.  You’re probably not super excited (or even know what I’m talking about), but it’s my blog, so I get to talk about what I want.

My roller derby league had their championship bout on Saturday, and my team, the Sugar Skulls, battled for third place (out of four) against the Royal Crush.  I’ve been on the team for about a year and a half, and we’ve never won a game. But this weekend, everything came together so well!  We fought super hard and kicked so much butt.  We ended up beating the Crush by almost 90 points (which is quite a lot).

Here we are yelling… or something… not sure what.1274419_565660210137289_415152936_oI got to jam!  I scored points for the first time ever in a real bout!

1272791_565662013470442_1709690174_oAnd! We even got a trophy.  (Not sure why Karny has it down her shirt, though.)

1209033_496514740438171_535438389_n(Photos by Danny Ngan and N8Zim)

Anyway, I’m super proud of all my teammates.  We all worked our butts off and played so well together.

In celebration of our Skull-y victory, let’s do some skull-y knitting:

Skull Hoodie, by Bernat Design Studio

skullhoodie_2_medium2[1]Los Muertos: Slouchy Day of the Dead Hat for Samhain, by Erssie Major

IMG_8337_medium2[1]Skull Tea Cosies, by Tea Cosy Folk