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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year (yesterday), everybody!

Hope you’re all having a nice, hangover-free morning.  Did you make your New Year’s Resolutions yet?

No, not the “Loose 10 pounds,” “Watch less TV,” and “Eat fewer sweets” kind of resolutions.  Those are boring.

I want to know about your knitting/crafting resolutions!

Here’s mine:

  1. I want to spend more time knitting just for fun.  I have a tendency to take on too many assignments (design work, gifts for other people… you know, “work knitting”), and I prioritize that over the knitting I do just for fun.  I don’t want to burn myself out, so I need to make sure I’m still having fun. (And maybe I’ll throw in a couple non-knitting craft projects, too!)IMG_0652
  2.  I want to keep making my bears!  I love their stupid little faces, and they’re the perfect in-between project.  I did 11 this year, let’s see if I can do 12 next year-one each month.img_3934
  3.  I want to spend more time sketching.  If get an idea, I want to make a point of writing it down and making sure I keep it.  I sketch out some of my ideas, but not all of them.  I think it’s a good idea that I just don’t follow through on enough.  IMG_3268

Do you have any knitting/crafting resolutions for this year?  Are you going to tackle that beautiful shawl that you’ve had your eye on?  Are you finally going to learn lace knitting?  Or, are you resolved to simply sit down every day and knit?

A Toast

I’d like to raise a glass  to all of my knitting brethren and sistren out there, on New Year’s Eve Eve;OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMay your 2016 be full of happiness and love.

May your skeins never tangle, and your needles never break.

May you always get gauge on the first try.

May your sweaters knit up faster than expected.

May you never have to tink back an entire row, and when you do make a mistake, may you find it before it’s too late.

May you never be stuck in a waiting room without your knitting.

May your LYS always have the yarn you’re looking for (and in the right colorway too!).

May you always buy enough of a dyelot to finish a whole project.

And, may you never stop knitting.

Happy 2016, everyone!

My Backwards New Year’s Resolution

I always like New Year’s resolutions.  It’s easy to be cynical about them, but there’s something really nice about everyone trying to improve their lives all together.  Trying to get healthy, eat better, read more, or watch less TV, it doesn’t matter, as long as you have something to work on.

I feel pretty healthy.  I eat fairly well.  I read a lot (although, I suppose I could always read more).  And there’s no way I’m watching less TV (as I said the other day, I just started another watch-through of the X Files.  So that ain’t happening.)

But one thing I’ve been meaning to do for the blog is increase my “social media presence.”  Which is a phrase that makes me kind of want to gag.  As a big introvert, being constantly in contact with other people makes me a little nervous.  And, frankly, I can’t imagine who would want to hear me mumble about the knots in my yarn and complain when I accidentally spill my tea over the shawl I’m working on.

twitter-logo[1]But, I’ve been told that Twitter is important these days, so I figure I’ll make a go of it.

So, follow me on Twitter @on_the_needles.  And I’ll try to be funny?  Or something.  It’s all very mysterious, how the whole thing works.  (And can someone explain how hashtags and stuff work?  I’m basically an 80-year-old woman when it comes to technology… so bear with me.)

I’ll give it the old college try for a couple months, and we’ll see how it goes.  Do you guys use Twitter?  If so, what do you use it for?  I’m still not clear on how it works (again, because I’m 80).

Do you have any other interesting (or non-interesting) resolutions this year?  I’d love to hear about them!

Inspiration: Fireworks

Happy New Year’s Eve!   Do you have cool New Year’s Eve plans?  Are you going to some fancy party where men wear tuxes, women break out their diamonds and everyone drinks expensive champagne?  Or are you going to sit on the couch in you PJ’s with a bowl of popcorn and a mug of $5 “sparkling wine” from Trader Joe’s?

Bet you can’t guess which one I’m going to do!

Whichever direction you go, I hope you get to see some New Year’s fireworks (even if they’re only on TV).

I’m not really into crochet, but this firework-y granny square might encourage me to break out my hooks.

Fireworks Surprise by Amy Schwab

101_0159_medium[1]Or, you could add sparkly beads to a teeny-tiny sock (just the right size for a kitten, or, if you want to be practical, you could use it as a key chain).

Wee Tiny Fireworks Sock by Meg Bakewell

4901564945_da6bf05bc4_z[1]And, supposedly these are chrysanthemums, but they look like fireworks to me!

Chrysanthemums by Regina Rioux

2177375724_dfddd2b245_z[1]See you in 2015!