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Teddy Bear Picnic

Or at least a Teddy Bear Coffee Date.


One of my good friends, Kate, has started knitting a bear, too!  (Hi Kate!)  And so has my mom- it’s super cute!  (Hi Mom!)

Mom lives in the Great White Tundra that is the Midwest, so I can’t meet up with her, but Kate lives just a couple miles down  from my place.  That means we can meet up, visit different coffee shops in the area every week or so and get our knit on!

Kate’s a new mom, so I’m pretty sure she’s excited to get out of the house and dust off her needles, and I’m loving having a knitting buddy!  There’s something lovely about having someone to chat with while your needles click away.  (And, if you’re awkward like me, it’s nice having a friend with you so you’re not that weirdo knitting alone in public.  Double win!)

So, grab your friends!  See if they want to pull their needles out of storage, or lend them a set of your own and get knitting!  It’s possibly the best way to spend an afternoon!

What’s that?! You still haven’t picked up your Mother Bear pattern?  What are you doing!  Get it here!

How are you doing on your bears?  I’ve just started knitting Bear number 7!

Knitter Aboard

Last week, I was a little bored (OK, a lot bored).  My friends had all left after our long weekend at PAX, my husband was at work, and I was sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs.  My day job is on a little break right now, between the end of summer and the beginning of the fall semester, so I have lots of time to sit around and watch TV.

Maybe too much time to sit around and watch TV.

So, I picked myself up off the couch and said, “Enough!” I decided to have a day down on the water, and the easiest way to do that here is to go for a ride on the ferry.   I know this isn’t something that everyone can do (I lived in the Illinois for most of my life… I understand “landlocked”), but if you have a chance to get away from your usual venue with a cup of coffee and a skein or two of yarn, I highly recommend it.  (If the ferry isn’t an option for you, try a train, bus, or just going down to a favorite park or local coffee shop.)WP_20140905_002There’s something refreshing about getting away from your house (and your dirty laundry, and the floors that need vacuuming) .  It always opens up my mind for fresh ideas, and makes my projects seem even more fun than usual.  (Getting away from a speedy internet connection doesn’t hurt, either.)

WP_20140905_008Expanding my horizons (literally) always helps me get out of a rut.  And, there’s no better place for people-watching than public transportation.  You never know what you’ll see that might inspire your next project.

WP_20140905_002So, get out there!  Explore the world, and enjoy some knitting on the water (or on the road, or on the rails).

Knitting In Public


We almost missed it!  It’s World Wide Knit In Public Week!

Since 2005, knitters across the world have picked up their needles and yarn and taken to the streets (and cafes, and libraries, and yarn shops) to share their love of knitting with the world.

Search their website to find an event in your area, or to start your own.  Or, just take your project out into the local park and work a couple rows.

I’m heading out right now to celebrate WWKIP week!  Join me!

Bus Knitting

I just got a new job, and it’s fantastic, and I’m SOOO glad that I am done with my old job.  You have no idea.  My old job was a mind-numbing clerical job in the HR department of a large corporation that will remain nameless.  My entire job consisted of making schedules for interviewing candidates.  It was like herding literally thousands of cats.  All day.   Every day.   And when it wasn’t terribly stressful and frustrating, it was deadly boring.  My boss actually told me to watch Netflix at work when it got boring.  Terrible.

But, enough complaining.    There was something that I really enjoyed about this job that I miss.  The commute.  My job was waaaaay on the other side of Lake Washington, which was an hour bus ride each way.  This sounds terrible, but it totally wasn’t.  It was great!  Daily set quiet time with my knitting.  I would put in my headphones and knit away.

I used to be weird about knitting in public, always afraid that someone would call me out on it and make fun of me or something (I was an awkward teenager.  I am now an awkward adult, but I care about my awkwardness less).   But you know, these days no one gives you a second look, unless they are also a knitter.  Once I was sitting in a coffee shop working on a sweater and listening to an audiobook when a complete stranger came up to me and started chatting.  She took one look at the knitting in my hands and correctly identified the pattern and complimented my yarn choice.   It was delightful.

Anyway, this is a round-about way of saying that knitting on the bus is good.  If you have the opportunity to commute on a bus, do it.  And bring your knitting.

Also, as a bonus, no matter how pleasant you look, almost no one will sit next to you on the bus when you’re knitting, so you’ll often get the seat all to yourself.