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Under Construction

I feel a little like I’m writing to you guys from a construction site today, even though it’s really just my kitchen table.

We have a pretty old house (at least by Seattle standards).  The oldest part of the house was built in the early 20s, and bits and pieces of the house have been remodeled and added-on-to over the last almost 100 years.  (And we have the 50’s wallpaper, 70’s shag carpeting and 90’s pocket doors to prove it.)  The previous 100 years of owners have done a pretty good job with the house as a whole, it’s really a very nice house, and the important things (like the windows and roof) are in great shape.

But over the years, people have just slapped coat after coat of paint on the doors and trim in the oldest part of the house… probably (definitely) lead paint.  And the paint has started to chip and peel.  It’s honestly the only thing I really didn’t like about the house when we bought it (other than the knob and tube wiring which we got rid of right away… because FIRE!). I always half-thought that I’d just fix the paint myself “someday”, but clearly that hasn’t happened.

Anyway, long story short, four years after buying the house, we finally hired guys to come and fix the paint!  They’re here now!  It’s very exciting!

But then…

Our furnace decided to stop working yesterday.  It got real cold here this weekend, and our house was about sixty degrees.  Luckily, because we have an old house, we have a fireplace.  It took a while to really start putting out heat, but thankfully, we’re back into the mid-sixties, so it’s a lot more comfortable today.  Supposedly, the furnace guys are going to come over this afternoon, but I’m still waiting on a confirmation phone call.

Fingers crossed!

I guess the only thing to do in the meantime is sit back with my knitting, a blanket and a big mug of tea.