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Inspiration: Profssor Trelawney’s Poufs

I’m re-reading the Harry Potter books again (because I’m a grown-up and can read what I want).  And, one of my good friends is having a Harry Potter-themed Halloween party in October (because she’s an adult and can do what she wants), and I want to study up.

I’ve just reached the part where Harry, Ron and Hermione have started taking Divination classes with Professor Trelawney.   If you haven’t read the books (and, really, you should), Prof. Trelawney is the very eccentric (and possibly prophetic) teacher of Divination classes (seeing the future).  She’s a big fan of foretelling Harry’s death, and wears more scarves than Stevie Nicks.

And, she has a very cool classroom, full of low tables and little poufs for the students to sit on and practice reading their tea leaves.


I don’t put much store in reading tea leaves (except when I’m feeling especially superstitious), but I do love the idea of having a bunch of poufs laying around, willy-nilly.  They seem like they’d make a room feel especially cozy.  Perfect for propping up your feet while you sit with a blanket, a cup of tea, and your dog-eared copy of Harry Potter.

Puff Daddy by Anna & Heidi Pickles3440899265_5f42b4a163_z[1]

Le Pouffe by Julie PhilipP1090228_medium2[1]

Pouffe / Footstool / Ottoman Super Chunky Cable Knit 25″ diameter x 16.5″ high by Erin Blackil_fullxfull.385187280_5b78_medium2[1]

Freedom Sand Pouf by Theresa BoyceDSCN3382_medium2[1]

Wall Shawl

On Monday, I told you how I love making lace shawls.  You’ll notice that I didn’t say I love wearing lace shawls.  This is because I am a pretty big tomboy.  I love how lace shawls look, and I love making them, but I always feel like a monkey in a top-hat when I wear them.

So, I had a whole stack of gorgeous shawls that did nothing but sit in my closet, waiting for moths to show up and start munching.  Something had to be done.  How could I display them?  I tried hanging them over my closet door, but then I couldn’t open and shut the door without them falling all over the place. I tried putting one over a table lamp, but that looked like something from a palm-reader’s office (and I was paranoid about setting the whole place on fire).  And, so my lace shawls went back into the bottom of the closet again.

Until I realized something.  These lace shawls were basically great big art pieces.  And my house was full of empty walls, begging for art to be put up.

I grabbed my Panache shawl and a dowel I had laying around (because I am a pack rat and have dowels lying around, just in case.  You never know.)  I carefully sewed the flat edge of the shawl to the dowel using a little bit of matching scrap yarn, and tied a big loop from one end of the dowel to the other.  I pulled out a sticky hook, and I  had filled my wall with lacy, yarn-y goodness in no time.  (And yes, I know this is a terrible photo.  Apparently I have forgotten how to take a decent picture that isn’t a close-up…)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy Panache is a medium sized shawl (about a 40 inch wingspan), but my Aeolian shawl, is a monster.  It’s at least 60 inches from point to point, so sewing it to a yard-long dowel wouldn’t fly.  I thought about it for a long time, and then the perfect solution came to me while I was doing yard work.

I cut some long (6+ feet) switches from one of the trees in my yard, and lashed them together with twine.  I added a loop of twine and hung them from a nail in my knitting studio.  Then, I looped the Aeolian shawl over the ends.  I really like how it turned out.   It’s pretty, and rustic, and if I ever want to display another shawl (or scarf, or sweater, or blanket) I can switch them out easily.