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Inspiration: Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, and I haven’t gotten my husband anything.  To be fair, we said “no presents” this year, but I always have trouble with doing “no presents.”  I think it must be a knitter thing.  Or maybe it has something to do with my Midwestern upbringing.  Either way, I feel a compulsion to make something. It’s a problem.

And since I’ve only got a couple days, any gifts I make will have to be very small.

I could go completely silly (yet adorable), and make a herd of these tiny heart-carrying bunnies.  But, I don’t think I can translate this pattern before Sunday.  If only I’d taken French in college, instead of German!  Dang.

Valentin by Anisbee Anisbee20_medium2[1]Or I could make something marginally more useful (again, the Midwesterner in me is showing- I love a useful gift!), like these adorable nesting baskets.

Heart Nesting Baskets by Sonya BlackstoneHeart_Baskets_3wm_medium2[1]But my husband is not the kind of guy that likes cutesy little things like heart-shaped baskets.  Maybe he’s the kind of guy who likes miniature little cupids on strings?

I could knit up one of these guys (sans halo):

Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi Angels by Anna Hrachovecangels2_mail_medium[1]and add a teeny bow and arrow:

Valentine Cupid Bow and Arrow by Linda DawkinsValentine_medium2[1]And, hey presto!  Cupid!

Oh, I don’t know.  That’s probably too silly a gift for my husband, too.  I suppose I’ll just get a bottle of something yummy and make him dinner.  You know, like a boring grown-up.

(But that doesn’t mean that I won’t make a teensy Cupid for myself!)

Do you have any Valentine’s Day knitting plans?

Inspiration: Heart Day!

Hey guys!  Heart Day is this weekend.  (Or at least that’s what one of my 7-year-old sewing students told me yesterday.)  So, let’s knit some hearts for your… sweetheart.

This is an adorable card, and (I imagine) wouldn’t take too long to make.  (And now I kind of wish my husband didn’t read the blog, or I would make this card for him…  oh well.)

Valentine Hearts by Elizabeth Murphy

DSC_1041_medium2[1]Everything is cuter with tiny eyes.  (If you haven’t checked out Anna Hrachovec’s other work, you need to do it.  Now.  You’ll thank me.)

Hearts by Anna Hrachovec

handhearts_medium[1]This is a tattoo I wouldn’t be too chicken to get.  (Don’t worry Mom… I’m not getting a tattoo.)

Winged Heart Tattoo by annypurls2474641999_5fa3fe77ff_z[1]Even though I’ve been out of grad school for years, a big part of me is still a biologist, and I love a good anatomical model.  If you’ve got a weirdo scientist side, this pattern might be just what you’re looking for to celebrate “Heart Day.”

Heart by Kristin Ledgett

heart_view_1_medium[1]So eat some chocolate, drink some champagne and bust out your red yarn for Heart Day!