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High Five!

I finished my gloves!  Finally.

All I had to do was find four tiny buttons and sew them in place.  I didn’t even have to weave in any ends.

I guess I just get distracted easily.

Also I have about thirty-seven different projects going on at all times.  It’s a problem.  But not one I plan on fixing any time soon.

Anyway! I found four tiny mother-of-pearl buttons in the jar of buttons I inherited from my grandmother.  They’re a quarter inch across, paper-thin, and they almost match.  (They match enough for my purposes, anyway.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACute, right?  I love them.  If ever there were buttons that could make big, squishy, rainbow-colored gloves classy, these are them.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow I just have to wait for it to get cool enough to wear gloves.

Have you ever had a project wait for a simple finishing touch for an unreasonably long time?

Home Again, Home Again


(What? I’m the only one who says that?)

I’m back home, and I’m exhausted.

It was great to see our families (both mine and my husband’s), and I had a fabulous time.  We played cards, ate lots of great food, and explored Pennsylvania, Cleveland and Chicago.  All in a week!  A real whirlwind tour.

And, of course, I did a ton of knitting.  You can’t expect me to spend all that time in cars, airplanes and the Chicago L and not get out my knitting.  I’ll tell you about everything I worked on (I can finish a surprising amount of knitting when I’m cooped up in the back of a minivan for 12 hours) over the next couple weeks.  But, I want to start with what might have been my favorite project.

You remember this brightly-colored beauty (the one on the right)?  It’s Knitted Wit Victory DK in Fairy Garden… Swoon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, a few hours of work (and approximately 1 million ends to weave in later… no wonder I’ve never made gloves before… what a pain!), I’ve got my own crazy-lady riding gloves  (Also known as the Ringwood Gloves from Rebecca Blair- a very well-written pattern!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love them!  And I love that their coloring is just slightly different.  It’s hand-painted yarn, after all.

I also love the very cool, but surprisingly simple stitch pattern.  It’s two rows of stockinette, and one of k1p1 rib.  Easy!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe gloves are dense and squishy and lovely, and I can’t wait for the weather to get cool enough to wear them.

Now I just have to find buttons for the cuffs… I’m thinking little, white shell buttons, or maybe faux pearls.  I’ll have to go through my big button jar and see what I have.

What kind of buttons would you use?

Inspiration: On the road again

I’m on the road again.  Somewhere between the Shell gas station and the Wendy’s on the side of the freeway.  I’m having a great time hanging out with my extended family and I’m getting tons of time for knitting. Win-win!

I can’t stop at any yarn stores (which is probably good, since my suitcase is already full), but all the hours in the car have made me think about all the other road trip knitting I could be doing.

This beanie is just too perfect for words, after all it’s a “Road Trip Hat.”  I love the interesting, minimalist use of cables  I could see this becoming a favorite for years and years.

Road Trip Hat by Emily Williams

Roadtrip-cover-rev-600px_medium[1]Of course, my perennial favorite, the Hitchhiker Shawl, would be perfect for knitting on a road trip.  A simple, easily memorized pattern and acres and acres of garter.  I can’t think of a more perfect pattern to work on while staring out the window, watching the scenery go by.

Hitchhiker by Martina BehmCIMG7885And, if you’re looking for something a little more practical… maybe a pair of driving gloves?  You could wear them to keep your hands warm while the A/C is blasting.

Men’s Driving Gloves or Fingerless Gloves by Tara Smolinski

IMG_0163_medium2[1]But, really, if you want the perfect road trip project, it doesn’t get any better than this adorable road cowl.  Cute!

Road Trip Cowl by Ping Woodvalleypat550.550.zoom.1_medium[1]What do you work on when you go on a road trip?

Inspiration: Taming the Jungle

My yard likes to grow.

A lot.

Especially when it’s damp and chilly.

You know what’s super not fun when it’s damp and chilly?

Weeding, pruning, trimming, and mowing.

I’ve got goosebumps and stiff, chilly fingers just from thinking about it.  Brrrr.  Especially when your jeans start to soak through, your glasses fog up and your sneakers get wet.  No fun at all.

So, I’ve got to be sure to dress properly when I go out into my yard to do battle with the blackberry vines (and battalions of mushrooms, and scores of overgrown oregano bushes).  And, because I’m me, that means lots of knitwear.

Of course, I’ve got to start with a nice mid-weight sweater to keep me warm without weighing me down.

ravello by Isabell KraemerDSC_0064_medium[1]And top it off with a lovely slouchy hat to keep my ears from catching frostbite.

Sockhead Hat by Kelly McClure

IMG_0681_medium2[1]And I’ll finish it off with some pretty-yet-practical fingerless gloves.  These would be perfect for under my thick leather gardening gloves- then I’ll keep warm, and  keep my fingers from being ripped apart by blackberry thorns!

Maize by tincanknits

SC-maize-02_medium[1]Now that I’m all suited up- Once more into the breach!  Wish me luck!

Do you have a favorite outfit for working in the yard?

Christmas Knitting: Gents

We can’t forget about the dudes!  Sometimes they’re a little harder to knit for, since they (typically) don’t go for fancy lace and pompoms and such.  But, here I’ve dug up some pretty neat (and manly!) projects for the guys in your life:

Bus Hat by Kylie McDonnell-Wade

bus hat


Handsome Scarf by Spilly Jane


Modified Army Gloves by Selyn Birnbaum


Socks With Pints On by Spilly Jane