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Inspiration: Mrs. Drewe

I love me some Downton Abbey, but I always am disappointed about the lack of knitwear on the show.  I guess knitting just isn’t classy enough for Lady Mary and Co.

But, my new favorite character has no problem with rocking a super-cute cardigan.  Mrs DreweIt’s Mrs. Drewe, Marigold’s adoptive mother (and most ridiculously portrayed character in the show.  We’re supposed to think of her as a jerk for not wanting Edith to hang around Marigold.  I don’t know about you, but if a weird, entitled lady who happens to also be my landlord kept sniffing around my kid, I would go all mama bear, too.  Just my two cents.)

Mrs Drewe2Anyway, look at her adorable cardigan!  I think it’s crocheted (though it’s kind of hard to tell).  I love the understated, all-over texture, and that shade of pale, gray-brown would go with just about everything (especially her robin’s-egg blue blouse).  I might have added a row or two more to the cuffs, but that’s just me.

Want to make your own?

This cardigan has a similar shape, but I’d make the sleeves longer, remove the bobbles, and add more buttons:

Summer Breeze Cardi by Elena Malo

CTMJ09YOKECARDI 01This one uses an interesting crochet stitch to make a very cool all-over texture pattern, though it is a bit different than Mrs. Drewe’s.

Sparkling Crochet Cardi by Heather Lodinsky

WR2134_project_medium2[1]Or, maybe you’re not a crocheter.  This knit sweater features a texture across the front and back that echoes Mrs. Drewe’s sweater.  (Also, super cute!  I might have to make one for myself with my fancy buttons.)

Tinder by Jared Flood

Tinder3_medium2[1]Who’s your favorite Downton character?