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Oh, so that’s who you are

It’s been a week since I put up the post with my demographic questions, and the results are in!

Now, only about 10 people responded, but still!  Very exciting.  That means at least 10 people read my blog (and care enough to fill out a poll), which is about 9 more than I expected.

Anyway, according to the results, you guys (or should I say gals) are all female.   About half of you are in your fifties, but the other half of you are spread out in age from teenagers on up.

Most of you learned to knit in your teens/early adulthood, some earlier, some later.  And a couple of you don’t know how to knit (yet!)!  This surprised me.  We will have to fix that!  (I have a great project for absolute beginner knitters in the works for the next couple weeks.)

Apart from knitting, you guys are a very busy group!  Crochet and sewing are the most popular crafts, but you also enjoy embroidery, quilting, fine art, and spinning.

Very cool!  Thanks to everyone who completed my poll.  I thought it was interesting to see what you guys are up to.alpaca-health-6

(I didn’t know what photo to include for this post, so here are some ridiculously cute alpacas.  You’re welcome)


(Oh, you want me to fill out the poll too?  OK… I’m Female, in my 20s, and I learned to knit when my mom taught me as an itty bitty kid (in second or third grade).   I crochet, sew clothes, love cross stitch, spin my own yarn from time to time and have a quilt I’ve been working on for the past 5 years.)