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Inspiration: Daniel Tiger

It’s been… a long time since I did one of these posts. Mostly because I haven’t had time to sit down and watch anything interesting on TV, much less do the digging to find pattern resources.

Then it occurred to me, there’s a show that I watch all the time that heavily features a famous sweater. (I’m logging way more time watching this show than I really care to admit, if I’m being honest.)

It’s grr-ific, tiger-tastic, and literally the only show that my 2-year-old will watch. It’s Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood!

Do I enjoy watching Daniel Tiger? Not particularly. Is it a great show for 2-year-olds? Definitely. Do I still use the “teaching songs” with my big kid when I’m trying to get them to stop hitting their brother/put on their shoes/not freak out when something goes wrong? Absolutely. Do the songs work? Sometimes.

Anyway, look at Daniel’s cute little red sweater:

It’s a cute little zip-up red hoodie with drawstrings and pockets. I think it’s supposed to be a raglan sleeve, but it’s hard to say, with it being a cartoon and all. But with a little searching I found a couple options.

First is the Rainbow Child cardigan by Rebecca Newman. This pattern looks super flexible (and cute!) and could easily be adapted into a DT sweater.

The R&R Hoodie by Tanis Lavallee would be perfect, with almost no changes! And it comes in a range of sizes. It’s at a pretty small gauge, though, so that might not be quite as cozy as Daniel’s sweater.

But after all that looking, I realized that I should have just searched “Daniel Tiger Sweater,” because of course someone has designed the perfect Daniel Tiger sweater. It’s called the Neighborhood Sweater by Analisa Gedge. It’s adorable, screen-perfect (or at least as screen-perfect as you can get with a cartoon.

Now, if I actually make DT sweaters for my kids, what’s the likelihood that they’ll still be watching the show when the sweaters were done?