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Inspiration: Father’s Day Monkeys

Hey guys, Father’s Day is on Sunday.  (So go get your dad a card if you haven’t gotten one in the mail already!)

In my family, for some reason (I can’t remember when this started), we always get my dad Father’s Day cards with a monkeys on them.  Any monkey is OK, but you get bonus points if it is wearing clothes, smoking a pipe, or riding a tricycle (and bonus bonus points if it’s doing all three).

At this point, I don’t even know if my dad likes monkey cards (or even monkeys).  I suppose it doesn’t really matter, since we’ve been doing it so long that it’s become an ongoing gag.

So in honor of Father’s Day, let’s look at some monkey patterns.

(Hoo boy! There are some ugly monkey-themed patterns on Ravelry.  I’m not going to post them here, because that would be mean.  But, if you want a chuckle, head on over and look for yourself.)

There is the classic Cookie A pattern, Monkey Socks.  I love these socks, but, other than the name, I don’t think they have much to do with monkeys.  Also, they’re a little girly to be a proper Father’s Day-themed pattern.

Monkey Socks by Cookie Amonkey_2_medium2[1]There are a million monkey amigurumi patterns on Ravelry, but I think this one might be the cutest.  Look at that little face, those tiny hands, that adorable bendy tail.  I love looking at this little guy, but I think I might go crazy if I tried to make him-  all those ends… shudder!

Chinese New Year Monkey by Stephanie Jessica LauL1037384_logo_medium2[1]If that monkey was too cute, this monkey is not.  At all.  And, while that sounds terrible, I mean it in the best way possible.  I love this basket!  I love that the monkey’s eyes point in different directions, and that he looks like he’s trying really hard to remember where he left his house keys.  The big dumb ears are amazing, and the fact that the photographer put a big bunch of bananas in the basket couldn’t be more perfect.  I know it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I really do love this monkey basket.  And, if I thought my dad would like to have a monkey basket, I would totally be working on it right now.

monkey basket bag by Cheryl L. CambrasScreen_Shot_2016-02-14_at_3.30.20_PM_medium[1]Do you have any traditions around Father’s Day in your family?

Inspiration: (My) Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this weekend.  (If you’ve forgot, you’ve got until Sunday!)  So, in honor of my dad, I thought I’d use this blog post to try to figure out what to get him for the holiday.

My dad is a history buff, especially American History.  Want to know who ran against James Pollk in 1844?  Dad knows.  Wondering what the second biggest civil war battle to take place in South Carolina?  Dad could tell you.   Honestly, I don’t know how he can keep all those dates and names straight.  I have trouble remembering when I need to get to work unless I write it down.

Maybe Dad would like a pair of authentic Civil War socks.  He lives in Chicago, after all, and a nice pair of woolen socks is always useful in the Great White North.

Union Civil War Socks by Robin Stokes

IMG_2452_medium2[1]Dad likes kayaking in the little lakes and rivers that dot Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  If you haven’t had a chance to try kayaking along a slow-moving river, it’s totally worth it.  You can sneak up on herons and other critters.  It’s lovely and relaxing, and a lot of fun.

Maybe he would like a little knit kayaking-dude.

Kayak athlete by Sue Mcbride

ethereal_shawl_024_medium2[1]My dad, when he isn’t reading about the Civil War or kayaking down the Illinois River, likes to play the bass. He’s been playing since before I was born in a series of bands- rock, jazz, country and everything in-between.  We even played together a few times when I was in high school (me on the piano and him on the bass).

Even though I don’t think he’d actually wear them, I think these fingerless mittens with bass clefs are kind of cool.

Fingerless Gloves “Musica” by Anne Neumann

2391762103_aaa624eecf_z[1]Dad, you’re very hard to find gifts for, but I won’t hold that against you.  I hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!  I love you!