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Inspiration: It’s hot as balls

I don’t know about you, but it’s hot as bejesus out here in Seattle.  (And I don’t mean “it’s hot for Seattlites who are used to putting on shorts when it breaks 50 degrees.”)  It’s actually in the 90s, and there’s no air conditioning anywhere within the surrounding 50 miles.  It’s kind of hellish.  There’s been a run on window air conditioners and fans:


So, while we’re all sitting around stewing in our own sweat, why not knit a totally useful (and useable) swimsuit!

You could go oldschool with:

The Call of the Sea, by Susan Crawford


You could go scantily-clad with:

BVI Bikini by Joanne Yordanou



Or, you could go actually functional with this cute cover-up:

Balos by Laura Birek



And, word to the wise (although I’m sure you know this already because you are reasonable people…I assume), don’t actually go swimming with a knit swimsuit.  It would only go all soggy and droopy the moment you stepped into the water.  Gross.