Flying off my needles

Look at this, you guys! I actually finished another project!

It’s the third of this hat I’ve whipped up in the last couple weeks, and this one is for my 2-year-old for his stocking. The kids dyed their yarn (with a lot of help) a while ago, and I just love how it turned out. This one is such a cheerful, bright blue- I know it’s going to be a favorite for a long time.

And the weirdest thing is that everyone in my family basically wears the same size hat now. Sure, the hats are a little snug on me and my husband, and a little large on the kids (especially the little one), but they essentially fit on all four of us… er… 5 of us.

Poor Ollie… he puts up with a lot. But he does look dapper in a hat.

What’s the last pattern you worked multiple times?

3 thoughts on “Flying off my needles

  1. pink

    The hats are fantastic, your kids are really talented! They will be so pleased to have something made just for them. Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The last pattern I made several times was Reyna; it uses a whole skein of 4 ply and makes a great gift as it’s a nice size and quick knit. I have used it to knit up scraps as well, and clear individual handdyed skeins from stash. I also knit the same basic sock pattern a lot. I like to have a couple of projects that are challenging in some form and a couple of easy quick knits on the go at the same time. Both reyna & socks are suitable for school pick up/tv knitting etc

  2. Cheryl

    Such a great gift for the kids!

    I just finished my own Jason’s Cashmere Hat extravaganza – I knit seven in a month as Christmas gifts. By the last one I only needed the pattern for the crown decreases. Now I get to decide which color goes to which person!

    Chinese Waves dish cloths are always on the needles for waiting room knitting – I probably knit a dozen or more every year. I should probably weave in some ends and stick a few in Christmas packages – everyone can always use a new dish cloth.


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