Woo! I’m tempted to declare that I’m almost done, but I think that might be a foolhardy thing to say. Even if I’m not “almost done”, I am at least a bit closer to being finished. I’ve completed the front and back pieces, which feels pretty significant.

And, I need help!

I’m supposed to seam up the shoulders and the sides, then pick up (or whatever you call it with crochet) stitches around the arm openings for the sleeves. Simple, right? Well, it’s been a minute since I did seaming on a crochet project.

I started with the shoulders, which seemed easier. I matched up the tops of the front and back and did single-crochets through both layers. The join was nice and neat-practically seamless (and difficult to photograph clearly).

No problem.

The issue is with the sides. Because it’s essentially a double-crochet fabric, there are big gaps all over the place. I’m afraid that if I sew/crochet into the holes, it’ll just accentuate them. But, if I sew through the stitches, I’m afraid it won’t be sturdy enough.

It’s a conundrum. And, probably something that could easily be solved by googling, but I don’t have the energy to do that right now. So, instead, I’m hoping that one of you guys have a brilliant idea.

How do you like to seam up crochet (or knit) projects?

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