Little Gifts

So, my blanket continues to grow, and it continues to look exactly the same, so instead of giving you an update on my progress, I figured we’d go look at patterns on Ravelry, and you can help me pick out my next project.

It’s almost a month until Christmas, which means I should have finished any holiday knitting by now (or at least started it), but I haven’t. I’m not going to even attempt any big projects at this point- I’m not going to stress myself out that much. But I have been thinking about making a little something for the kids. Specifically, some a little doll or stuffed animal. Maybe a pair of almost-matching little guys for them to keep. (Not that they need more stuffies- we have baskets full, and they’re almost never played with.)

So, I need your help! I’ve got it down to four patterns, but I can’t decide which I like best. I’d love your input:

Mini Boy Bunny and Bear by Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits. I’ve loved her patterns for years, but have never gotten around to making one of them. Pros for this pattern: Super cute, could make “fraternal twins” for the kids, they’re a perfect size for little hands. Cons: I shudder to think at all the ends in these little guys.

Butterfly & Cocoon by Susan B. Anderson. Another classic stuffed toy pattern. I love the goofy little wings, and the tiny little sleeping-bag cocoons. I know my 3-year-old would be beside himself if he saw this guy, but I also know that he’d need us to put that cocoon back on him about a million and a half times. And I don’t know if I want to do that.

Bebe Bunny by Amanda Buckley. These little guys are just so perfect and sweet. Honestly, they look like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Which generally isn’t the vibe my kids go for. If I was making these toys based on aesthetics alone, I’d be tempted to go with these little guys, but if I’m being honest, they might not get a ton of play.

Teddy Boo and Friends by Claire Fairall Designs. Finally, these guys are just the goofiest little stuffies I ever did see. I mean, c’mon. Look at them. They’re so silly. I like that they’re pretty simple, and that I could make two different animals, instead of just changing the color.

But, yeah. They’re all super cute, and if I’m being honest, they’d probably all about the same amount of play (which is to say none, because they’re not trucks). Which would you do?

Have you got any holiday knitting going this year?

7 thoughts on “Little Gifts

  1. Mandy

    When my son was around four or so, he really loved butterflies. I couldn’t knit well enough to do a stuffie at that point, so I did a pattern very similar to the butterfly in crochet. He really did love that toy. All the patterns up above are super cute, I would have a hard time picking one. You could probably fairly easily change up the last pattern and make more than two different animals as well if variety was an important factor.

  2. knitonepugtwo

    I’d knit what you want. I never can tell what my kids will play with. I knit them moose last year and they’ve day on a shelf. I knit them gnomes and they didn’t ask summer constructing gnome homes from cardboard with the neighbor, playing hide the gnomes in the garden, tossing them on the trampoline.

  3. Aletheia6012

    Well, if you decide you can deal with the cocoon, I’d go with the butterflies! The kid would like them (also, great stocking stuffer if they’re not too big) and they are funny ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for my own Christmas knitting…welp. I decided I wanted to make stuff for most of my family this year, and I started in July. Proof that starting early does not equal stress-free gift knitting, because this is a crazy idea and no one stopped me. I am currently debating whether I should buy a gift for one person or spend pretty much the rest of my knitting time till Christmas on one item…It would be super cool cause it’s an Avengers hat, but the colorwork is freaking me out (newbie to that).

    And I just want to say–I’m a longtime lurker on your blog and I love reading your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Tara Forrest

    Yikes! Not only can I not help you decide, but now I’m gonna have to make a decision. They are all such cute patterns.

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