Sheep (almost) in a Jeep!

Ooh, guys!  My sweater is coming along great!  In fact, I’ve finished the knitting!  Woo hoo!IMG_2192

However, I’ve got two things standing in my way of being completely finished:

1. Ends.  So. Many. Ends.  5 colors, three sections of sweater, plus Kitchener for the underarms and a few other odd ends from sleeves and collar and such. I really don’t want to weave them in.  It seems unfair that you “finish” a project, then have to spend another three hours actually finishing it.  A smarter person would have woven in the ends as they went. Sigh.


2. I’m a little worried about the floats, especially on the sleeves.  I was really on the fence about adding the color work on the sleeves, but decided to go ahead and do it (which I’m glad about- I think it turned out really cute).  But, those floats are kinda long, and my kid’s fingers are kinda small and prone to getting stuck in small places, so I worry about running into difficulty getting him dressed  The only thing I can hope for at this point is that they felt up a little bit with wear.  Because I’m not undoing and redoing them again.  I refuse.


But, despite my whining and worrying, I really am pleased with how this sweater is turning out.  It’s probably the cutesiest thing I’ve made for my kid (usually I dress him like a little old man).  And the little radishes/turnips just make me so happy.  It’s funny how fast I can get something done when I really enjoy the project!


Have you been working on anything particularly fun lately?

5 thoughts on “Sheep (almost) in a Jeep!

  1. sticksnpins

    No answer to the ends ….
    For kids, I just turn up the sleeve past the colorwork before I ‘insert’ hand and arm. ❤

  2. The creative pixie

    I’ve learnt of a new to me method of joining wool so that you don’t need to sew in the ends-clasped weft join. I’ve yet to try it but the YouTube videos I have watched make a lot of sense

  3. Henni

    What a fun project! I had an epiphany one day about working the finishes of a project, you know seaming, weaving, blocking etc. I simply decided not to consider the project done before I have done everything. Everything! It’s hard to explain, but somehow this has completely changed how I feel about weaving in the ends. Now, it’s part of the work, not something annoying I have to do after I’ve finished. The mind is a strong and powerful tool.


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