Not Knitting

It’s been hot as… well, something that’s really hot.  It’s been too hot to really think.  And it’s definitely been too hot to knit.

Seattle doesn’t usually get more than a day or two of hot weather in the summer.  (I’m talking actual hot weather, not “Seattle Hot” where it gets to 75 degrees and everyone whines.)  But this year, we’ve had a couple weeks of upper 80s/low 90s, which is real miserable.  No one has air conditioning around here, and in the places that do (like the mall), it’s pretty disappointing.

So I’ve set my big blue sweater aside for the time being.  As lovely as it is, I’m not interested in sitting with a gigantic pile of wool on my lap.  No thank you.

Instead, I went diving into my craft room stash for something a little more seasonally-appropriate to do.

And, boy, did I hit the jackpot!  (Thanks, Past Allison!)

At some point, I must have been on a cross-stitching jag, and I bought three little cross stitch kits.  They’re cute little Christmas-y birds (that are inexplicably postage-themed?).  A goldfinch, a bluebird and a chickadee.I had already started the goldfinch- the “stamp” part was mostly done when I pulled it out the other day.  (I honestly have no memory of working on this cross stitch- I must have started it years ago!)  A couple days of work, and voila!   I’m working on the bluebird now.  I’ve already messed up the head, but I don’t think it’s terribly noticeable, so I decided not to unpick the problematic stitches- he’s just a slightly chubbier-than-normal bluebird.The birds are supposed to be made into little ornaments, but I’m not sure if that’s what I’ll do with them.  Maybe they’ll end up being part of a wall hanging quilt, or sewn into little pillows.

I suppose I should finish them before I go planning next steps.

What do you do when it’s too hot to knit?

3 thoughts on “Not Knitting

  1. Sue H-m

    I hear ya on the heat! Down here in the LA area we had temps 110+ for those few weeks. While we do have A.C. and are acclimated, it’s still just too hot!
    How fun that you found those kits! I used to xstitch as well (until I had to get new glasses every year because of the intricacy, lo!!). I have a few Christmas ones stashed too!
    I still knit during the hot because I had projects going that HAD to be finished by a certain time but it was uncomfortable even in the AC. But now they’re done and I’m doing smaller things at the moment.
    When I simp!y cannot knit, I wait til the sun is over the yardarm then go float around in the pool with a good book. I’m very lucky!

  2. madgeface

    Last summer, I picked up embroidery again. The only problem is that I really prefer to do it during daylight. I do have a really great task lamp, but pretty much went back to knitting & spinning after I finished a few projects. A few weeks ago, I started another embroidery piece but haven’t finished it. It’s nice to soread your craft wings every now & then, isn’t it?

  3. sapeters85

    I agree with you on the heat. I live in Ontario, Canada and its too darn hot and humid. I love embroidery too: just haven;’t picked it up in a long time.


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