Grumpy Old Man

We’re firmly in the midst of the June Gloom here this week.  If you’re not from Seattle, you might not be familiar with the June Gloom.  Think of it as Indian Summer, except instead of happening in the fall, it happens in the middle of summer, and instead of having surprisingly nice weather, everything gets gray and drizzly, and it doesn’t make it out of the fifties for a couple weeks.

I forget about the June Gloom every year, and just as I start breaking out my tank tops, shorts and sun dresses, Bam! It’s sweater weather again.

Not a big deal for me (obviously, I love a good sweater).  But, my kid was born at the beginning of April, so I assumed that he wouldn’t need warm clothes until he was quite a bit bigger.  I made one sweater that currently fits him, and did an “emergency” Target run to get him a hoodie that wouldn’t swallow him whole.  But, the kid has no hats!  (And no hair!)  He just looks so chilly when we go on walks (my husband says I’m projecting, since I’m always cold, which is 100% possible).

Anyway, I whipped up a quick little hat with some super-soft gray wool to match his little old man sweater.  It’s nothing fancy, just a bottom-up hat with a little ribbing on the brim and a simple crown.  Functional, soft, and warm.I took the boy outside to hang out under our apple tree yesterday afternoon.  The sun had come out, for once, but it was still a little on the chilly side, so I decided to bundle him up.  Sweater, sweatpants (baby pants are hilarious), and… his brand-new hat.

Well, at first he didn’t quite know what to make of it.Then he tried to take it off, but his hand-control isn’t quite there yet.Then he just got mad.So, I guess we’re just not going to be putting hats on him for a while. (And don’t worry, I took this one off right away, and he was soon happily looking at the tree branches and spitting up all over his sweater.)

Of course the knitter’s kid hates hats!  Dang!

Have you ever made something for someone that absolutely hated it?

4 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Man

  1. itwasjudith

    I don’t knit much and hardly anything for someone else 😉
    I don’t think many people appreciate hand knit items and the effort that goes into their making, so I keep it to myself!
    Anyway, I’m sure your baby will appreciate other things you’ll make or the hat once it’s much cooler 🙂

  2. Sue H-m

    First, OMG he’s so cute!!!!
    I have knit things for people and they exclaim over them and then I never see them wearing/using it. Very discouraging, so this year my resolution was — and remains — ONLY knitting for MYSELF and the people who specifically request something. No more agonizing over a special (to me) something for them for Christmas, etc. I’m done.
    And too bad for them, because my skills have reached the point where I WILL use the expensive nicer yarn and my FO’s ARE heirloom quality and something even they would love to own. But, too bad.
    If course I’ll still do the baby blankets, stuff like that, but the good stuff? That’s for me and the ones who still wear my first attempts at fingerless gloves. THEY appreciate my “sprayed macaroni” attempts and that means a lot! 🙂

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