The Olympics Are Coming!

Opening Ceremonies are on Friday, and I’m not even a little bit prepared!I’ve participated in the Ravellenic Games for at least as long as I’ve been running this blog (and I think once or twice before that).  So, this isn’t like it’s my first rodeo.

Usually by this point, I’ve got a plan, or at least have a bunch of yarn ordered.  Last time, I made a nice gray cardigan, and the time before that I designed one of my very first sweaters with a pretty clever slipped-stitch yoke (if I say so myself).  This year, I have no idea what I’m going to do!

If you’re not familiar with the Ravellenic Games, a quick overview:Every time the Olympics are held, thousands of knitters across the world all cast on at once (usually, during the opening ceremony- though this year it’ll be 3:00 in the morning in Washington when the opening ceremony starts, so I think I’ll wait until a little later in the day to cast on), and spend the next two weeks watching athletes do athletic things and knitting away as fast as they can.  Knitters can organize themselves into teams, compete in different “events” (Sweater Skeleton,  Bag Biathlon, etc.) and spend the Olympics challenging their knitting skills.

It’s a fun way to crank out some quick knitting!

But this year I’ve completely dropped the ball!  The Opening Ceremony is on Friday, and I don’t have any idea of what I want to do!  I don’t really even have time to order yarn!

I know I’ve got some fancy-pants lace yarn, but a big lace shawl might be a little too much for a two-week project.  Or I could try to plow through some of my WIPS- I keep meaning to work on that Papaya sweater, but that seems a bit like cheating, since it’s already a quarter of the way done.  Or I could go to my LYS and see if they have any inspirational yarn in stock.

What’s a forgetful Olympic knitter to do?

Are you participating in the Ravellenic Games?   What are you making?

2 thoughts on “The Olympics Are Coming!

  1. Sue H-m

    Not participating per se, but will be using the sofa time to work on WIPs.
    Feeling good about FINALLY packing and sending the hubs to the PO this morning with baby blankets I’ve been meaning to send (especially the one being sent for a girl due March 17, a cousin’s first granddaughter!–wanted it there in time for a shower because I’m NEVER that proactive and finally was this once, lol!). The others were actually intended for another baby boy but he’s a toddler now so these would be too small–will work on something else for him. However, having married into a fertile family, there is another baby boy these are perfect for, so off they go!
    The FO pile is slowly decreasing due to shipping and donating, and since that was a New Year’s Resolution, I feel pretty darn good!
    Good luck! Can’t wait to see what you do!

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