Holiday Check-In

Hi guys!  How’s your holiday season shaping up?  We’ve got less than a week until Haunnukah begins, about two weeks until my brother’s birthday, and just under three weeks until Christmas.  (What?  You don’t celebrate my brother’s birthday, too?!)

How is your gift preparation going?  Are you furiously knitting away, or are you already planning on wrapping up a half-finished scarf for your mom this year?  I’m keeping it super low-key this year, and the few gifts I’m knitting for people have already been finished.  Actually, I’m mostly just diving into my Finished Object Stash for knitted gifts this year.

It’s lucky that I decided to take it easy on my knitting this year, though, because it turns out I have a new work knitting project that’s due just after the new year.  So, I’ve definitely got my hands full this winter.While I don’t have a lot of specifically Christmas-themed knitting, I do have a TON of baking I still have to do yet.  And, unfortunately, you can’t really get your baking done that early.  So, I guess I’ll have my hands full (and covered in butter and flour) from next week through Christmas.

I think I’m OK with that- there’s nothing more festive than spending the day (or the week) filling up your house with a half-dozen types of Christmas cookies.

How’s your holiday to-do-list going?

3 thoughts on “Holiday Check-In

  1. mtnbeachmama

    I am down to one scarf to finish. I was going to knit a Fair Isle Kep, but need stress free time to get it all figured out. Now is not that time. Am replacing the kep with a hat scarf set. Had to re-order more yarn for the scarf. It wasn’t part of my original plan. It will be easy to do…then I will be ready. Resolved to plan better and start earlier in 2018.

  2. IamDWJ

    That purple is gorgeous! I’m not knitting any gifts for Christmas but I am working on a sweater for my husband currently that I want to take our year end photo in, that’s about it!

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