Knitter’s Block

You guys have all heard of writer’s block, right?  When a writer simply can’t bring themself to keep writing, or maybe they just can’t figure out what to write next.

I propose that I am currently experiencing the knitter’s version of writer’s block.  Knitter’s block.

Since I finished my super secret vampire project, I’ve been kind of at loose ends.  I’ve got a bunch of knitting I should be doing.  And, if I’m being honest, I’ve been working on it a bit.  I’ve added a couple dozen rows to my Papaya Sweater, and I’ve knit up a handful of Christmas Balls over the last couple weeks. I even added a couple inches to my last Mother Bear of the year.

But, I gotta say, I’m not terribly inspired.I’ve been thinking, and right now, it seems I have a couple options:

  1.  Keep plugging away.  Pro: I get to finish the projects I’ve started.  Con: I’m boooooored.
  2. Dig out some other half-finished project and finish it.  Pro: They’ll be finished.  Also, I’ll get back the project bags and needles that have been sequestered (in some cases) for years.  Con: There’s a reason those projects ended up in my pile of hibernating WIPS.
  3. Start a new project.  Pro: New project!  A new excuse to go yarn shopping! Con: What about all the other projects?

Or, I could just continue to ignore the problem, make myself another cup of hot cocoa, and take Ollie on a walk.Options.

What do you do when you get bored with your knitting?

3 thoughts on “Knitter’s Block

  1. mtnbeachmama

    I know what Ollie would choose. I like the term ‘knitter’s block’. It fits. I am in a similar boat. I am going to work on some smaller projects today. THEN tomorrow, it is back to my son’s Christmas gift. I took a bit off to finish a huge blanket for someone. It will actually be a relief to get back to my sweater. I also have a couple of small projects that need finishing today. So…as much as I want to just chuck it all and play in my stash…I am going to be a good girl. Since I have a blog about finishing projects…I am using that to keep me inspired. Knowing I can report progress makes me want to make progress. Whatever you decide-happy knitting. Ollie says, “Happy knitting AFTER our walk.”

  2. Sue

    First, walk with Ollie.
    Then pick up the papaya sweater and knitflix for a few shows. Continue knitflixing rotating in wips. Gotta just plug away at them til you get to that “almost done! I got this!” stage of each. It’ll happen!

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