Inspiration: Headache?

Y’all.  It’s been a rough week, I’ll be honest with you.  I’ve had a headache for probably 6 of the past 7 days (Saturday was OK for some reason).  I’ve tried everything.  Painkillers, extra caffeine, removing caffeine, more sleep, less sleep, sitting quietly in the dark, going out and running errands to keep my mind off of my headache, extra hydration, hot packs and cold packs.

At most, I’ve gotten a relief for an hour or two at a time, but my headache keeps coming back.  It’s now managed to migrate from my head, down into my neck and shoulders (probably because I’ve gotten so stressed about it, I’m tensing up the muscles in my shoulders… sigh.)

This morning I’ve been sitting quietly in a semi-darkened room, knitting and listening to podcasts (because looking at screens (like the TV) seems to exacerbate my headache), drinking a Coke (because coffee sounds gross right now, but I wanted to see if caffeine might help my head this morning), and taking turns with the hot and cold packs.  It seems to be helping, and hopefully by the time I need to leave the house for work this afternoon, I’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (or at least I won’t be dragging as much as I have been the last few days).

I’ve got a bunch of cold packs left over from when I used to play roller derby, but none of them have sleeves as nice as this- I might need to make one or two to have on hand the next time my head gets the best of me.

Knitted Ice Pack Cozy by Ampy Versalles-CurtisI’ve got a heating pack that I made years ago that I filled with barley.  I like it a lot (I’ve got it on my shoulders right now).  But, it’s gotten a bit stained and worn over the years, so maybe I should crochet up a cute little pouch for it.  I like the little crocheted buttons, especially

Comfort Pack by Donna Hulka

I’m so ready for this headache to go away!  Do you have any remedies for a stubborn headache?

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Headache?

  1. Sue

    I’m so sorry you’re going thru this. The only other suggestion I have is soaking in a nice warm bath, and getting your husband to give you a neck and back massage.
    Could this possibly be sinus-related? If so, try some antihistamines like benadryl (or less costly store brand equivalent–same active ingredient at 1/2 the cost). It’ll make you drowsy but sleep is generally a good thing.
    Feel better fast, my friend.

  2. m grazia

    Unfortunately I don’t. I use lots of ice when I’m at home but I obviously can’t use it at school… What’s more I can’t eat nor drink as long as my headache persists and I damaged my eyes leaving them without any water for too long. The only medicine is relaxing but it’s always so hard to obtain. I can only share the pain knowing what it means

  3. kris griffith

    So sorry you have a killer headache. Usually Excedrine and a warm heat pack works for me. Hope your feeling better soon! Hugs! I

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