Well, I done goofed.

I’m on a bit of a sock kick lately.  I love making socks.  They’re fun, easy(ish), and they fit in my purse.  Plus, I love nothing more than slipping on a pair of brand-new pair of socks- they’re one of the best things in life.

I’ve been trying a few new techniques, and came up with this adorable sock:Picot edge, eyelets, and cute purple details.  What could be wrong with that?


Apparently something went wrong, because, hoo boy!  This is the tiniest sock ever!(Sure, I’ve got great big feet, but still!)  I don’t know what happened!  I’ve made dozens of socks, maybe even hundreds.  I’ve never had a sock come out this little before!  I must have spaced when casting on…  Oh well…

So, do I rip out the sock and try again, or do I make a second small sock to match and find someone with little feet?

What to do, what to do?

Have you ever goofed on a pattern you’ve made a bunch of times.

3 thoughts on “Well, I done goofed.

  1. madgeface

    I’d rip back to where you can pick it up. If you knit it toe-up, you could carefully cut the toe off, unravel and untangle until you get to a “good” row, and pick up and knit from there.

    I have a knack for messing up really easy patterns, like the Clapotis and (of course!) the shawl i’m currently working on. The easier the pattern, the more likely I am to forget an increase or decrease & mess up the stitch pattern.

  2. Sue

    Make the smaller pair and gift them to a young girl who would LOVE them! Make another pair for you of course and get a picture of the two of you wearing them, a wonderful memory for both of you!
    I’ve misjudged gauge/sizing a few times, but fortunately have a granddaughter who wants one of everything I’m making. 🙂


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