The Cursed Sweater

I don’t know what’s happening to me!  I don’t think I disturbed any sacred burial grounds, or crossed any old crones-who-are-secretly-witches, and I definitely didn’t unearth any mummies.  Heck, it’s not even a full moon!

I’ve clearly upset the knitting gods (or at least some knitting trickster spirit), because this project is killing me, you guys.  You guys.  It’s killing me.

You remember my super-secret-project?  The one with the ribbing that I totally messed up?  Well, after repairing the damage in the dumbest possible way (really, Allison- why on earth did you think it was a good idea to get out the crochet hook?), I realized I had messed it up even more than I had thought.

I had cast on the wrong number of stitches.

Needless to say I was upset.  I ripped it out, rechecked my math and was on my way (for the third time).

Fast forward two weeks, and I think I have it under control.  I’ve checked all my math, and everything looks good.  My project is coming along.

Until, two days ago, I connected several separate pieces together (a very finicky step).  And.

Would you believe it?  I messed up again!  This was two days ago, and I didn’t notice until yesterday morning, when I had to rip out a full 24 hours of work!I’m finally getting back to where I was two days ago.  But hoo boy.  I’m struggling.

At least it’ll look good when it’s done.



Have you ever had a cursed project?  What happened to it?  Did you manage to break the curse?

5 thoughts on “The Cursed Sweater

  1. madgeface

    Just keep going, even with any further mistakes – finishing it will be so satisfying and hopefully will use up all that bad mojo. I knit a sweater while recovering from a concussion and had a similar experience – I even made a mistake in a cable pattern that I didn’t notice until months after I’d finished the sweater! I still wear it though!

  2. Sue

    Tried to make a Celtic cable Santa hat. About 2″ from the end, got two stitches off in the pattern. Tried frogging. Tried inserting a lifeline at an easily identifiable row and dragged back to that. Put the project on hold for a year. Decided the mere presence of it was bad karma. Still good with my decision. 🙂

  3. IamDWJ

    I’m currently working on a cursed test knit. I’ve started it for the 4th time now and have had smooth sailing and then…I think I’m going to run out of the main color of yarn 😐 I placed an order last night for one more skein and am keeping my fingers crossed it gets here before I head out on vacation.

    1. onemilljellybeans Post author

      Oh no! Running out of yarn is one of my biggest fears, so I always end up over-ordering. Which is why I have about a million skeins of left-over orphaned yarn in my stash.


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