Not Knitting!

What a twist!

I bet you thought I spent 100% of my time knitting.  I know I sometimes feel like that.  After all, there is so much knitting to do.

But, sometimes even I need a little bit of a break.  Especially when the (super secret) project I’m working on involves a stupid number of cables worked at a slightly-smaller-than-usual gauge that makes my wrists a little sore if I work on it too long.

So, when your hands are getting sore, what do you do when you’re me?  Make a zillion teeny tiny paper cranes.  (That makes sense, right?)I’ve been working on these guys whenever I need a little break for the last year or so.  I picked up a big pack of 1000 little squares of origami paper at the grocery store (why it was at the grocery store- we’ll never know) on a whim, and since then, whenever I’ve had a little down time, I’ve made a handful of cranes.I just finished my 1000th crane (assuming that I didn’t lose any pieces of paper… I haven’t actually counted the finished cranes).   I suppose I should come up with something to do with them, but for now, I’m content with organizing them into rainbows and keeping them in big bowls to look at.Have you been working on anything non-yarn-related lately?

3 thoughts on “Not Knitting!

  1. madgeface

    Wow! They’re beautiful! I recently picked up an embroidery project to shake up my fiber endeavors, but all those cranes have me thinking now!

  2. Sue

    Fun!!! These would be a fun ongoing thing to do with my 6yr old granddaughter; she’s artistically inclined (just like her mom, my stepdaughter) and would come up with fun ways to use these!


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