I Have Made A Huge Mistake

So, you know the other day, when I told you all the changes I was planning on making to my Chuck sweater?


It’s going… not great.

Last night, I managed to get to just under the armpits.  The big cable down the front is turning out gorgeous.  I love the way each column of stitches peels off, weaves through the other columns, then joins back together.  I even managed to figure out the changes to the neckline.  I brought in the sides and raised the back of the neck slightly.  I’ll have to wait to see how it looks with the collar added, but I feel pretty confident about it.

However,  I made a huge mistake.OK, maybe not a huge mistake, but I’ve done something super dumb.

I wanted to add a cable down the back of the sweater, but instead of actually working the cable as I went, like a smart person, I kind of forgot about it until late last night.  So, like the genius I am, I dropped the six stitches I planned on using for the cable, and ripped almost all the way back to the cast-on, and started knitting them back up, cabling as I went.(Full disclosure: my husband made me a very tasty tropical drink after dinner last night, which could have been the source of last night’s excessive confidence as I ripped back these stitches.)

In the bright light of morning, I have some regrets with regard of how I’ve been going about this project.  But, I’ve got a hot cup of coffee and I’ve got my fingers crossed, so I should be able to fix the mayhem that “Last Night Allison” created.

Have you ever sat down with your knitting, only to realize you did something really dumb the night before?  What did you do, and were you able to fix it?

9 thoughts on “I Have Made A Huge Mistake

  1. nothingbutknit2

    Oh yes! I’m always much braver and more stupid in the evening. That is why I have a no kitchenering after dark rule. There are other rules but I’ll skip those.
    Your sweater will be fine, I hope:)

    1. onemilljellybeans Post author

      Haha! I love it! When I had an office job, I had a similar rule- no emails to people outside the company after 4. I kept getting into trouble trying to send out “just one last email” before I went home.

  2. The Husband

    In all my years of watching you knit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the level of yarn carnage you had in your lap last night.

  3. sue

    Oh yeah, been there done that. That’s why my rule is no knitting once the alcohol gets opened.
    All I could do was frog and start over.
    Hence the rule. 😀

  4. kris griffith

    I’ve been working on a baby afghan, but for some reason I have made it long enough to be a “regular” size afghan. I’m using 3 strands of yarn together, so it’s taking me a truck load of yarn to finish. I keep thinking I should frog it and start over, but really don’t want to deal with all three strands of yarn unraveling. So, I’ll just keep going and he can grow into it! I think it turned out this way due to a couple drinks and a good movie on when I did the initial chain stitch. Oh, well.

  5. Katherine @ fiberandsustenance

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for you – I bet you’ll get it all fixed up soon!
    I try not to make any drastic decisions after a certain hour, but it’s a rule I often break! More times than I would like, I’ve gotten frustrated with a mistake or something and ripped out an entire project … only to wake up in the morning and regret what my past self had done!!

  6. madgeface

    I do that kind of thing all the time and always wonder the next morning just what I was thinking. I’m positive it will turn out okay and remember: some of the wonkiness from dropping & re-knitting those 6 stitches will block out.

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