New Pattern: Golden Gardens Pullover

That’s right, boys and girls!  It’s time for a new pattern!

It’s a lovely cotton tunic, with drop shoulders and bracelet-length sleeves, with just a touch of cabling.  It’s a perfect spring sweater (if I say so myself).

It’s the Golden Gardens Pullover!Cute, right?  And with tons of positive ease and super-soft cotton yarn, it’s crazy comfortable.   I’m particularly proud of the one-stitch cable that runs from front hem to back, and up each arm.  But wait!  That’s not all!

My pullover is part of a lovely new spring-y collection from Knit Picks.  Introducing: Flourish!

I’m not a big knit tee person, but this one is adorable.  That lace/texture combo, and that lovely shade of pink.  Too cute for words.

Whitwell Tee by Kate HeppellBut, I think this cardigan might be my favorite from the collection (other than mine, of course).  It’s so light and feminine, and I love the way the lace wraps from the back of the sweater, all the way around the front.

Spring Thaw Cardigan by Kephren PritchettWant to win a free copy of Flourish?  Comment below and tell me about your favorite part of spring (I love it when the cherry tree outside my studio window starts to bloom).  I’ll hold a drawing next Friday!

11 thoughts on “New Pattern: Golden Gardens Pullover

  1. Sue

    My favorite part of spring: I used to deliver flowers when I lived in Ohio. Spring for me always started when we got in the first shipment of bulb plants–and the hyacinths were my favorite! It would still be cold outside, so I had to keep my van heated, and the heat would accentuate the scent of those hyacinths like crazy! It was heaven!

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  3. IamDWJ

    I’m in the DC area and I absolutely LOVE Cherry Blossom season. Unfortunately, the blossoms weren’t as lush as in previous years with all the bad weather but it’s still beautiful to see all the blossoms all over town.

  4. Mary Copeland

    My anniversary is March 21st so my favorite part of Spring is celebrating another year of being with my wonderful husband enjoying the lovely flowers of East Tennessee.

  5. Deb Clements

    Having the windows open early in the morning, snuggling under the covers and listening to the birdsong.

  6. Jen

    I love that green/damp earth smell after spring rains just as it’s starting to warm up. Kinda like fresh cut grass, but not exactly….it’s a sign to me that everything is re-awakening and growing again.

  7. Tina Fagan

    Spring means back-porch time. I have so many wonderful memories swinging on the back porch: The light breeze and smell of lilacs, reading books to my children while they relax beside me, visiting with grandparents after dinner. My now adult children will often call and say they could use a little back-porch time. We found that many of our daily problems seemed to not be as significant when we chose to slow down and relax in the rhythm of the back porch swing.

  8. archer1955

    Living in the Mid-south, my favorite part of Spring is when the Azaleas bloom. Unfortunately here in Charlotte, NC, we had a late hard freeze and many early buds got burnt by the cold.

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