PvP Knitting

Every week (well, three times a week), I write about knitting.  What I’m knitting, what I’d like to knit, what I’ve finished knitting.  But I never really talk about why I knit.

I know, I know, it seems obvious, right?  I knit because I love to knit.  Simple.  Heck, that’s why we’re all here!  We all love knitting!

But, what is it about knitting that draws us in?  Why do we do what we do?

The common wisdom is that there are two kinds of knitters: Product Knitters and Process Knitters.  And, while the common wisdom is often wrong, I think there’s definitely something to this one.

Product Knitters are in it for the finished product (hence the very creative name).  They see a gorgeous new sweater pop up on Ravelry, and they have to have it.  They work toward a goal.  If they want a new pair of socks, then by god, they’ll have a new pair of socks (even if they hate knitting socks).I can respect that kind of goal-oriented knitting.  I know I feel that urge from time to time (mostly when my old hand-knits start wearing out).

But, if I’m being honest, I’m more of a Process Knitter.

Process Knitters knit for the sake of knitting.  They knit because they love the feel of yarn sliding through their fingers and enjoy the act of making each stitch, one after another.  They see a new pattern and think “Wow, I’d really love to knit that,” not, “Wow, I’d really love to wear that.”  (Which explains some of the sweaters I’ve made and almost never worn… oops!)

Of course, every knitter has a little Process Knitter in them, and a little Product Knitter.  And, I’m sure there are people that knit for other reasons, too.  But no matter where you fall on the Process vs. Product spectrum, we all love what we do.

What do you think about the whole Process Knitter vs. Product Knitter taxonomy?  Is there anything to it?  Which are you?

5 thoughts on “PvP Knitting

  1. Sue

    I am a Process knitter. Which surprised the heck out of me, because in just about all other things, I’m all about the bottom line, the end product, get me there the quickest way so I can get on with things.
    With knitting, it’s the journey; the new stitches, the feel of the yarn, the evolving project, understanding the construction and seeing it come together. The finished item always brings that happy feeling of accomplishment, and giving it away has its special joy, too. But few things are more exciting than seeing a new project, choosing the color and the yarn, and casting on.
    Who knew?! 🙂

  2. knittingthestash

    process knitter here (but production spinner . . . ahh, the contradiction, especially because I can’t bring myself to knit with my homespun). I loved how you put it: “I’d like to knit that, rather than I’d like to wear that”–but, as I’ve gathered some more years and projects off my needles, I can say that the things I want to knit are also the things I (increasingly) want to wear. Lovely post–and socks!

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  5. Linda

    I am definitely a process knitter. So much so, that I sometimes knit just to play or try new techniques and then unravel it when I’m done 🙂


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