Late-night Knitting

I go a little crazy every time I get close to finishing a project, especially a big project.  I get a little obsessed, and I kind of lose touch with the passage of time.

It’s not ideal, but it happens.  And, it happened to me last night.  I was finishing up a sweater (a super secret sweater you’ll see later), and I had about six inches of sleeve left to knit.  I sat down to work on it for a few hours, thinking I could power through before it got too late.  I kept measuring it, counting my stitches and rows,  convincing myself that I was almost done.

Until the clock hit 11, and my husband reminded me it was past my bedtime.

After a little whining on my part and cajoling on his, I went to sleep, my last cuff mere rows from completion.It’s probably good he made me go to bed- when I get to this point in a project, if I’m left to my own devices, I stay up as late as necessary to finish.  (I remember once accidentally staying up until 5 in the morning on a week night, just so I could finish a dress I was sewing.  That wasn’t a great idea.)

Anyway, my knitting was still waiting for me this morning.  And after a cup of tea and a little breakfast, I’ve finished my sweater.  Now, it’s off to be blocked!Do you ever lose track of time while working on a project?

2 thoughts on “Late-night Knitting

  1. Sue

    OMG YES! Starting AND finishing! Like you (and your husband, lol!) I have learned to set a stop time and stick to it (which means finishing the row I’m on when that stop time comes). I’ve learned it’s good to leave myself wanting to do more, rather than letting myself get to the point of making mistakes or getting tired of the project altogether–which, being me, means it’ll probably sit for months before I even look at it.

  2. dnutts

    When my kids were little I would start sewing at their bedtime. By morning one of the girls would have a brand new dress. Soon as they were off to school I’d go to bed. I could function beautifully on six hours sleep if I did that. If I observed normal sleep schedules I needed 9 hours just to be civil. Now I can knit till the wee hours, or sew and sleep in as long as I want. And now, it doesn’t make any difference what schedule I follow, I need nine hours to avoid being a grumpy Gus. I’ve settled on working til about 3 and sleeping till around 11 or so and wake up to my breakfast already by hubby who goes to bed a 9 and gets up at six. I do love retirement.


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