I don’t know if you do this, but every time I finish a big project (especially if it’s a big project that I had to finish on a deadline), my mind goes entirely blank.

Like, it’s just static. *bzzzxzxzzxbbxbxzzz*  Nothing happening in there.

My brain is buzzing right now (and not in the good “I’ve got a million great ideas” way).  I just finished a big, purple, stockinette thing for a design I’ve been working on for the last month, and now I’ve got a couple weeks to knit something “for myself” before my next work project comes along.6e96ba2c-468a-4b0a-b19a-f42b4ab60fe3I think it must be something about pouring all your focus, attention, and  creative drive into one specific project.  Focusing so intensely that you don’t think about your “next steps” as you go.  I used to get the same feeling after finals in college.  My mind would totally empty for a day or two after, and I’d just bounce around campus, trying to find something to do.

I’ve spent the morning looking at Ravelry, but nothing is sticking.  Maybe I’ll look through the craft books I got for Christmas- maybe I’ll find something cool in there?  Or maybe I’ll just spend the day glaring at my yarn, and hoping it develops the ability to speak and tells me what I should make next.img_4518Am I the only one?  (Probably not- if you ask that, you’re not the only one, as a rule.) What do you do to break through the “just finished a project” zone-out?

2 thoughts on “Help!!

  1. Sue

    I had this after finishing the hue shift afghan in time for Christmas!
    At first I was like you, what now? WHAT NOW????!–but I ended up taking the pressure off myself and gave myself those few days to relax, think of other things (yes, there ARE other things besides knitting, lol!) And soon my mind turned back to knitting on its own.
    Got a couple messy bun hats done in time for Christmas as well. Win-win.
    That pressure you’re feeling is self-induced and totally natural. Give yourself a break–because if you don’t, who will?

  2. Kristina griffith

    Congrats on finishing the purple project! Can’t wait to see it! I’m still working on the afghan that originally was to be done in August. Have another project started, but it’s a “have-to”, so of course I put that down and started another scarf ‘just for fun’!


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