I admit, I’m not great at social media (so who knows why I decided to start a blog).  I’ve got a Twitter account  that I rarely use (@on_the_needles), except to notify folks on my new blog posts.  And I tried to use Tumblr for about fifteen minutes before getting frustrated, closing the computer and making myself a cup of tea.

And, since it’s 2016, I thought, “Hey!  Let’s try Instagram.”

Actually, I didn’t think that.  When I took my class last month with Arne and Carlos, they kept talking about Instagram and told us all to Instagram them pictures of our finished dolls.

So, I got myself an Instagram account.  It’s @ontheneedles.  You should come on over and see what I’m up to.  It’s mostly pictures of whatever I’ve got on my needles.  78a04f33-8eec-4315-a943-6f061680cbbdSo there’s lots of knitting-in-progress shots.  (I tried being fancy on this one… not sure why I thought a half-eaten orange was fancy.)475271d9-c85a-4353-a622-e3afb2ed2eacLike, a lot.  Some of them are not great pictures, but hey, they can’t all be winners.7f05da8b-c19f-4171-b55e-1dccb7609598Also, about a third of the pictures are of my dog, Ollie begging for food.  Because he is ridiculous.  Look at that pretty face!2cef20bd-63e4-4e8d-917e-e7232a179f82So, if you want to get little sneak peaks behind the scenes at On the Needles HQ, follow me on Instagram @ontheneedles!  And let me know your name, and I’ll follow you back!

3 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Sue

    Ok, the Orange cracked me up! I always think I’m being all clever and,artsy too, and rarely does,anyone agree, lol!
    I forgot I had instagram until Facebook linked the 2 accounts, D’oh!
    But now I know you’re on there, I will be more involved with it!

  2. Cherish I.

    This had me laughing my tail off. I’m @Kochou1331 there, though most of my posting are admittedly of my cat, Pablo, laying on projects in an attmept to get my attention.


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