New Library!

This is very exciting (at least for me).

I’ve re-done my pattern library for the first time since I started the blog three years ago.  Instead of the terrible single column list of patterns, I now have multiple pages!  Three columns!  Standardized photo sizes!  I’m very pleased with myself.

Check it out!  If you hover over “Pattern Library” at the top of the page, you’ll see a drop-down list with all the pattern categories. (Fancy!)dropdownOr, if you click through, you can visit the Pattern Library Main Page.  So many patterns! (I guess I’ve been busy the last few years.)mainmenuSo, please, take a minute to check out the new-and-improved pattern library (and tell me if you see any problems-I’m sure I messed it up somewhere).   It was a shockingly large amount of work to get to look the way I wanted it.  And, a big ol’ thank you to my husband for helping me with formatting- I certainly wouldn’t have figured out how to do columns on my own.

And!  Don’t forget to sign up for both of my giveaways!  I’ll be doing the drawing on Monday, so you’ve just got through the weekend!

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