You Win Some, You Lose Some.

And sometimes you end up with mismatched socks.

If my Ravelry page is correct, I started these socks in January, but I think I probably started them earlier- probably over Christmas.

I finished one right away, then did the toe of the second one…. then…. nothing.  I stashed these socks away  “just in case,” then promptly forgot about them.  So, when I was packing for my trip, I decided to bring them along.  After all, a sock-in-progress fits in my purse, so they’re great for traveling.   The pattern was super simple (just stockinette with a single row of purls around the toe and ribbed cuff), so they wouldn’t take away from looking out the window.  And they were almost done, so they’d go pretty fast!  Win-win-win.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey turned out pretty cute!  Nothing fancy, but they’re a pretty color, and they look ok.

Except if you try to measure them against each other.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOne sock is fully a half-inch shorter than the other one.  I swear I measured- I even counted rows!  But, something must have happened to change my gauge between when I started these socks six months ago and when I finished them last week.  Blergh.

I don’t think I’ll try to re-knit them, or rip them out… they’re not fancy enough for me to really be bothered, and they aren’t going to be a gift.  I think I’ll try blocking them out, and hopefully that’ll fix the problem.  After all, blocking hides a multitude of sins.

Have you ever ended up with significantly different socks? What did you do?

5 thoughts on “You Win Some, You Lose Some.

  1. Liz

    Lol! I agree with you that blocking should help a bit. But as long as they each fit one of your feet, no-one will be able to tell once they are on. I have not had a size issue, but I did have a problem with socks knitted in a variegated yarn – they each came out looking completely different! I had not realised about the need to start at the same place in the yarn’s pattern for each sock. But hey, that’s the joy of handmade stuff, isn’t it!! 😀

  2. Donald

    What you may have done was after you finished one sock, you tried it on. This stretched it out, so when you made the next sock and measured it against the first one, you ended up with a different size. Blocking should help, but if not, when you wear them, don’t sit with you feet crossed; no one will ever know.😜

  3. madgeface

    I live in fear of this happening! I knit a pair of socks separately exactly once and figured out how to knit them two at a time on circulars. So much for that set of DPNs. I read somewhere that no one’s feet are exactly the same size; although 1/2″ is perhaps at the extreme end of that, you could claim that as the reason for the size difference. 🙂

  4. chrisknits

    Yup, and it was all because I used the wrong sized needle on the 2nd sock. Didn’t bother to redo it, just wore them as is. Nobody could tell that one sock didn’t go up as high on my leg.

  5. Isabel's Needleworks

    I’ve had this happen to socks I’ve knit for myself and you’re right no one is going to be able to tell 🙂 I find I knit more relaxed with the second sock especially if it has a lace or cable pattern in it.


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