Still not Knitting

Hoo boy, guys.

I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew…

This quilt is a beast.

I started simply enough, with a fairly simple (or so I thought) quilt square.  It’s just triangles and squares, in only 3 colors (dark blue, light blue, and white).

But then, as I tend to do, I started elaborating.  First I planned out the entire quilt so that I will have to make 12 blocks (which increases work by a ton).  Then I decided that instead of just picking one dark blue fabric and one light blue fabric, I’d pick 4 of each, and mix them up.

But still, while I was just cutting out the pieces, and sewing the first seams, I thought I was doing OK. I still was enjoying myself.  Sure, there was a lot of cutting and pinning and sewing, but it wasn’t bad.

Then I got to the ironing.

I forgot about the ironing.

So much ironing.  (I don’t like ironing.)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat was I thinking?

Do you have the same problem with biting off more than you can chew?

9 thoughts on “Still not Knitting

  1. Melanie McNeil

    Focus on the beautiful colors. Admire them and enjoy touching them. Be amazed at how flat the iron makes them! Wow what wonderful things you can do with a few tools and some great fabric! 😉

  2. chrisknits

    I don’t know what method you are using for the pieces, but there are many techniques with involve sewing strips together and then cutting out the size pieces you need. That way it’s only ironing long strips that are then cut apart. Love the colors.

  3. Sue

    Yes, beautiful colors! That is definitely a big project! When I’m knitting a big project, I like to intersperse small projects so I keep the feeling of finishing something. It makes it easier to plow through the middle tedious part of the big project and get to the “almost done! Keep going!” phase.
    Keep us posted!


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