Inspiration: Game of Thrones

It’s back!  Game of Thrones is here for another season, and I’m surprisingly excited.  I read the books years ago, and my husband and I have watched the entire series, but last season seemed to drag.  I have trouble keeping track of everyone in the overly-complicated story, but that’s OK, because it’s still a treat to look at.  Those costumes!  Those sets!  I forgot how pretty this show is.  I would love to be a costumer for Game of Thrones.  Maybe they nee some sweaters for next season?  I’m available!

So, because I’m me, I’ve been thinking how I’d dress each familiy, if they weren’t in not-quite-mideval-times, but in modern day.

starkThe stark family would probably need something very practical and cozy- after all, they live in a brutal climate in the North.  If I were them, I’d dress them in classic cabled sweaters, like this one:

An Eskevien by Thomas ConnoreskevienDevant_medium2[1]

Tyrell_Sigil[1]The Tyrells come from a more moderate climate, full of flowers and (I imagine) sunny, Mediterranean breezes.   I think they’d want to wear something light and airy, and would prefer if it had a flower or plant motif, to echo their house sigil.

Lacy Box Top by Lisa RichardsonIMG_3650-_medium2[1]

House-Lannister-house-lannister-31246498-1600-1200[1]House Lannister is all about the trappings of wealth and decadence.  So, whatever I made for them would have lots of excessive color-work, beads, or cables.    These opulent red-and-gold socks would be perfect for a Lannister!

Water for the Elephants by Yvette NoelWater_for_the_elephants_9_medium2[1]

House-Targaryen-Sigil-16[1]And of course, the only remaining member of House Targaryen keeps running around the countryside talking about how she’s got dragons. They’re really her only asset as far as the “great game” goes- even though they’ve wandered off somewhere else at the moment.  If I made Daenerys a garment, it would have to be sleek and dragon-y.  This cowl would be perfect!

Dragon Wing Cowl by Jessie RayotDragon-Wing-Cowl-free-knit-pattern-by-Jessie-At-Home-1_medium2[1]I’m enjoying watching Game of Thrones again!  Especially sine they’ve passed the book series and everything that happens will be a surprise.  And I can’t wait!

What would you make if you were the costumer for your favorite show?

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