New Pattern! And a Giveaway!

Hey, guys!  Remember when I kept complaining about not being able to share all my secret projects with you before Chritstmas?  Well, it’s about time that I start telling you what’s going on.

A brand-new pattern that I designed was just published in the newest KnitPicks collection, Petite Presents!  This collection is all about small projects that you can make with less then 150 grams of yarn (often much less).


My pattern is the tiny (and cheerful) Juliet Bag, named after one of my sewing students, who is also tiny (and very cheerful).51989220_3[1]The Juliet Bag is knit in the round, from the top down, and uses only a few yards of each color- so it’s a perfect project for using up leftover scraps of sock yarn.  And, the simple colorwork is a great way to get your Fair Isle toes wet without jumping straight into the deep end of a big sweater or something.

51989220_2[1]But, I think my favorite part of the Juliet Bag is the drawstring.  It’s a continuous I-cord that is threaded through a series of eyelets at the top of the bag.  I don’t know why, but I think it’s really cute (and it’s quite functional).

Speaking of really cute, look at these other adorable projects that are also included in the collection:

These Mini Kitty Poufs are not-so-mini (They’re just the right size to be utterly huggable).

32768124[1]And the beautiful Merrifield Hat plays with color and texture in a gorgeous way.32768104[1]Want to win your own copy of Petite Presents?  Just comment below with your favorite pattern from the collection, and I’ll do a drawing on January 18th!

15 thoughts on “New Pattern! And a Giveaway!

  1. Maemi

    Congrats on getting your pattern published! It is too cute that you named your pattern after your student ❤
    My favorite is the Flutter Shawlette too. It is simple and looks very pretty, I would love to knit it, for my sisters and myself. I'm positive they would love it 🙂
    The sunshine diamond wrap looks beautiful in the yarn it's knitted with. I really like the selection of patterns in this book and love the fact that they require so little yarn.

  2. Sue

    Mini kitty poufs! I can think of 5 little girls right off the top of my head who would love to have one!
    And congratulations on being published again! So exciting!

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  6. chickie brewer

    I like the Mini Kitty Poufs. I think this is something my preteen granddaughter would like to make… She does loom knit but I think the Mini Kitty Poufs is something she would like. ( cause I know I do)

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