A Proposal

I have an idea.  Dangerous, I know.

I want to ask you guys if you think it’s a good idea, because without your participation, it would be much less fun.

So here it is:  Would you be interested in a “Surprise Sock Pattern of the Month Club?”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor a flat fee, I would deliver a brand-new sock pattern to your email inbox every month for the next year.  The patterns would be adult-sized sock patterns in a variety of sizes and knit in a variety of styles from light, lacy, girly socks, to manly, utilitarian socks and everything in between.

Please let me know if you’d be interested.  I think it would be totally fun!  I’ve got ideas!

Feel free to explain your answer in the comments section below!


1 thought on “A Proposal

  1. Talya

    I voted no, because I’m very particular about my socks, if they are fancier than plain vanilla. For me- all those lacy socks are things I’d never wear. That, and because I’m a tight knitter- anything below sport weight gets dangerously close to me not having a small enough needle to hit gauge.


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