Inspiration: Ziggy Stardust

I think it’s time we talked about David Bowie.

Specifically Ziggy-Stardust-era David Bowie.

Specifically his knit onesies (jumpsuits?).

Have you seen these?  And if, so did you realize they were knit?

tumblr_m6slctzmex1qh1g19o1_400[1] 9c8beedd3dd227fafffc073743173e49[1] david-bowie-ziggy-stardust-02[1]Amazing, right?!  Maybe this is due to my age, but I only just recently realized that these outfits existed, much less that they were knit.

(Also, can you imagine performing a big rock show like that covered head-to-toe in wool?  I love my sweaters, but that’s just crazy.  Though, I guess no one ever accused David Bowie of being a practical person.)

I’m kind of obsessed with these outfits, designed in the 70s by avant-garde fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto.  I only wish there was a socially acceptable place for people to wear knit one-arm-one-leg-colorworked onesies in public.

You could make a plain one for yourself with this pattern:

Salwar Jumpsuit by Margery Winter

33_39_jump_window_medium[1]Or you could try making up a pattern yourself by combining these two patterns (minus one leg and one arm):

Nether Garments – Adult (September) by Elizabeth Zimmermann

1551948317_b5dccd83bd_z[1]Polar Dip by Amy Miller

ABU-PolarDip_148_medium2[1]Now I’m wondering if I can justify making a jumpsuit… Maybe?

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