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Inspiration: Mother’s Day

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of “inspiration posts” lately.  I’ve picked up some extra work, so my knitting-and-blogging time has been cut down a bit.  Sorry about that (unless you’re into the inspiration posts, in which case, you’re welcome.)

But this post isn’t so much an Inspiration Post, as a PSA.  Everyone!  Pay attention!

Mother’s day is this Sunday.

You have been warned.

Let’s take a minute to celebrate our moms!  Our moms who taught us to knit, to sew, and to make a mean pan of brownies.  (Or maybe that was just my mom?)

And our moms who dressed us up in matching outfits.

(Luckily, as far as I know, Mom never did the whole Mother-Daughter outfit thing (Thanks Mom!).  But, there is a pretty adorable Sears portrait of my brother and I in coordinating overalls when we were itty-bitty (Mine were pink, and his blue.)  I think Mom actually sewed them herself.  She’s talented like that.)

I get the impulse behind the idea.  I mean, kids are always cute when they look like tiny adults.  And, Lord knows, I can’t hold myself back when I think of a new craft project. But there is a right way and a wrong way to execute the whole matching knitwear thing.

Exhibit A:  The wrong way.  Look at that poor kid.  Her eyes are saying “Kill me” or maybe “I will burn this sweater as soon as I can get out of it.”

Mother/Daughter Sweaters #20306 by Lion Brand Yarn

20306ada_medium[1]Exhibit B:  This girl looks like she’s having fun, at least.  And the dress isn’t terrible.  I wouldn’t wear it with a white T-shirt and a pair of kakhis, but maybe that’s just me.

Mother-daughter Tunics by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)

img57876435_medium[2]Exhibit C:  Now, this is how you do matching knitwear!  These cowls are fantastic-cozy, comfy, and they look age-appropriate on both the mother and the daughter.  I love them! (I might even make one for myself!)

Cocoon Cowls by Stefanie Japel

IMG_1285_medium2[1]So, don’t forget, folks!  Call your mom on Sunday!

And, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!  Thanks for teaching me to knit all those years ago!  I bet you didn’t expect it to turn into a lifelong obsession.  (And thanks for not dressing me up in matching outfits!)

Inspiration: Princess!

There isn’t much reason for people (especially American people, like me) to care about the British royal family in the 21st century.  I mean, honestly, what do they do?  Not much.

Well, not much except have adorable babies that they dress up in the most amazing knitwear.

The Royal Family is at it again, with their brand-new (and so far unnamed) baby girl.  Look at her!  (And look at the Duchess… dang!  Can you believe she gave birth about 24 hours before these pictures were taken?  What a trooper.  I bet all she wants to do is go home and sleep for about a year.  And put on some PJ pants.)

Lindo__close_up_ka_3289646b[1]And, let’s take a closer look at the new princess’s knitwear (click on the photo for a larger view):

royal-baby-tele_3289946b[1]That bonnet!  That blanket!  So gorgeous.  (I probably wouldn’t wrap my newborn in a white, heirloom-quality shawl, but then again, I’m not a Duchess.  So.)

I love the bonnet.  It’s so simple and perfect.  Squishy garter stitch and tiny cables… Could it be more classic and adorable?

Silverfox Bonnet by Lisa Chemery

SilverfoxBonnet_main1_sm_medium[1]Lilacs for Lila by knittedblissJC

8931079780_5475beaff6_z[1]And that blanket!  Look closely, and you’ll see it’s knit from teeny-tiny lace-weight yarn.  It must have taken forever to make something that beautiful!  I love the stockinette body with the simple, geometric edging.  Very classy.  (Although, honestly, it’s something that should only be taken out for international press events.  You don’t want to have to scrub spit-up out of such fine wool.  That makes me sad just thinking about it.)

Amalthea by Anne Hanson

Amalthea164_72dpi_medium[1]Christening Shawl L252 (My Weekly) by Gladys Amedro

2417516836_27d245680e_z[1]All the best to the new baby princess!  And, Kate- go home, put on your sweat pants, and eat some ice cream!  You earned it!

Design Series: Color!

I know, I know, I know.  This sock-design project is taking longer than maybe you (and certainly I) expected.  But, honestly, these are all the questions I have to ask myself while designing any pattern.  I’ve just never put my thought process into words before.  It’s a bit of work at the beginning, but it’s worth it to get started the right way.

Last week, we talked about the technical theme of the socks.  And, it looks like “Simple socks” won by a hair!

IMG_2698_medium2[1]We’ll be making super cozy socks in a simple pattern with two or three colors. (Maybe we could even make them at a big, cozy gauge!  That would be fun!)

So, the next question of course is:  What color are our socks going to be?

Actually, what colors are our socks going to be?

Lets first pick a main color:Maincolors

And then we can pick an accent color:Accentcolors

Vote, Vote, Vote!  Or, if there’s a color I didn’t include, let me know and I can add it in!