Let’s Design Something Together

I have an idea.  Dangerous, I know.  But I think this will be fun.

I’d like to design a new pattern, and I’d like you guys to all come along through the journey.  Does that sound like fun?  I’ll take you through my design process, from idea creation to the finished pattern.notebook-with-pencil[1]Where do we start?  What are we going to make?  Sometimes a design element will pop into my head first (a particularly cool cable, or a pretty lace pattern), but usually I decide on a project type first.

So.  What shall we make?  Socks? A hat?  A scarf?  Or something for the home?  A pot holder or a washcloth?

What do you want to see?  Do you have any ideas of your own?

Once we have a project picked out, we’ll work together to design the item together.  This will be fun!  I’m excited!

9 thoughts on “Let’s Design Something Together

  1. FogKnits

    I’m always partial to shawls, or large cowls even. In Linen Stitch. With short rows! 🙂 At least, that’s what I’ve been thinking about lately…I was sort of thinking the linen stitch bar would make short rows sorta like garter stitch, you wouldn’t have to pick up the wraps because the bar would camouflage it!

  2. Melissa DK

    I am currently working on knitting doll clothes for my daughters dolls. I was inspired by treechangedolls to make”under” my daughters dolls and make them more childlike and adorable. So now I am attempting to knit tiny clothes. Working with 2.00mm DPNs is trickier than I thought. Anyways, I am writing it down as I go along since I have never knitted anything so tiny. I just started following your blog and I am excited to see what you have!

  3. swantori

    I’m putting a vote in for deep cowls – whether they can be looped multiple times or not, they have to be deep.

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