Inspiration: Houdini

I love a good miniseries, and a bio-pic miniseries is even better.  So, when the new(ish) Houdini miniseries showed up on Netflix, I was super excited.

The show is really fun (although, I still haven’t finished Part 2).  It was entertaining, well-acted, and very interesting.  Apparently, some of the story is heavily embellished, but it still is a good show, assuming you aren’t looking for a documentary.

But, of course, the star of the show is Houdini’s amazing knit swim suit.

ms07[1]Can you imagine wearing a knit swim suit?  It would get so saggy and droopy and uncomfortable.  Much less a swim suit that covers you all the way to your knees.  It’d almost be more uncomfortable than the straitjackets and chains he wore in his act.

Want to make a full-coverage swimsuit for yourself (although-why would you?)  Try one of these patterns:

This pattern is actually vintage-it was published in the 1930s!

Knit yourself this smart swim suit by Australian Women’s Weekly

Saturday_23_September_1939_medium2[1]This pattern is from the late 40s-and is actually kind of attractive, as far as knit swimsuits go.

Going Swimming by Patons UK

image_medium2[1]Maybe you want a more modern knitted swimsuit (if that’s a thing).  Try this one, based on one from 1932, but rewritten in 2008.

The Call of the Sea by Susan Crawford

_CoverBack_MirandaSmile-b_medium[1]Would you ever wear a knitted swim suit?

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