Pattern Spotlight: Hitchhiker

I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon.  And, I kind of love it.

I’m probably the last knitter to make a Hitchhiker shawl.  (There are 17,685 projects up on Ravelry, and I’m pretty sure it’s been in the top 50 or so patterns for the last couple years.)

CIMG7885The Hitchhiker is a triangular (ish) shawl/scarf knit in garter stitch, which is my absolute favorite.  Garter is great for scarves, since it lays nice and flat.  Plus, it’s super warm and squishy.  (And it’s great for knitting while you read or watch TV, since you don’t have to worry about following complicated stitch patterns.)

The shawl is a long, skinny triangle, with a sawtooth border along one side, which is worked as you knit.  You begin at one point of the triangle, and just keep going until you run out of yarn, or get bored.  And the simple 8-row repeat is super easy to memorize, so it’s almost mindless (but still just interesting enough to be fun).20150112_122126_medium2[1]This project is super versatile.  You can use whatever yarn you have on hand, and whichever needles you like best.  The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn, but this would make an epic deep-winter scarf in worsted or bulky, and if you were to use teeny tiny needles and lace-weight yarn, you could make something lovely and delicate.

IMG_1979_medium2[1]I made mine with a skein of Knit Picks’ Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Thunderhead.  (I bought it to get the $50 free shipping, because free. Don’t judge me.  You know you’ve done it, too.)  It turned out lovely.  The sock yarn is wonderful and soft, and the hand-painted, monochromatic colors of the yarn looks great in a garter stitch.  (Sorry for the terrible picture.  The shawl was adopted out before I had time to find my real camera for a decent photo.)

WP_20150102_014I love how this shawl looks with semi-solids and self-striping yarn.  It’s so easy, and the results are spectacular.

DSC06485_medium2[2]Have you made a Hitchhiker?

9 thoughts on “Pattern Spotlight: Hitchhiker

  1. salpal1

    lol – I guess I was second to last knitter to make this! I made mine this fall, adn have worn it fairly often this winter. I made it out of tosh light, and use it as a scarf sometimes, or a wrap other times. it gets lots of attention, but the best bit was the other day at the library. I was bundled head to toe, with it wrapped around my neck, mostly under my jacket. the librarian gave me a close look and smiled, saying “I love your hitchiker!” which caused many heads to swivel and her coworker to gasp. I was amazed she could recognize it in the pile of stuff I was wearing. 🙂

  2. Sue

    Well, after reading this post and the comment above, I will HAVE to knit a hitchhiker (I guess this makes you second last and salpal third last, but who’s counting?!).
    Sounds like a great take-along project and Christmas gifts . . .

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  4. Tracey WYETH

    Hi I’m having trouble finding the free hitchhiker pattern download? I haven’t seen it printed to save on pdf. Don’t know how to join ravelery, 😕 please help?


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