Why Knitting is Good for You

Every few months I come a cross an article about “17 ways knitting helps your brain,” or “99 reasons you should knit,” or, in this case “5 reasons knitting is good for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALet’s examine what this article says and make snarky jokes about it, shall we?

1.  Fighting off dementia.  I’m not familiar with the research on this subject, but I’d  buy it.  Knitting is a three-dimensional puzzle.  Being able to read a pattern and turn it into a whole garment takes a surprising amount of brainpower.  And, being able to identify when you’ve made a mistake and fix it takes even more.   I imagine that continuing a mentally challenging hobby like knitting keeps your brain sharp through middle age and beyond.   (Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to justify buying that extra skein of yarn.)

2.  Staying calm.  I totally get this one.  Sometimes, after a stressful day, the only thing that will make me feel better is sitting down with my yarn and a cup of tea.  I get a lovely calm feeling just thinking about it.  Aahhh…

3.  Getting fit.  I call BS on this one.  There’s no way that a sitting-down activity like knitting should be considered exercise (though if it could, I’d be a fitness model).  I have heard of more than a few knitting friends who pick up needles as a way to curtail their mindless snacking while watching TV, but I’ve never had a problem with eating while knitting. (*knit 1, purl 1, eat 1 chip.  Repeat from * until end of row.)

4.  Getting happy.  I’m not sure how happy and calm are separate categories, but I suppose it makes sense.  I know I am always excited when I start a new project, and I  get all giddy when petting a new skein of yarn at my LYS.

5.  Being trendy.  Ugh!  It drives me nuts that this is one of the reasons that people knit now (which, I realize, makes me an annoying hipster).  It’s not that I’m unhappy knitting is popular.  It’s more that I feel regret for teenage me.  I knit for years before I would admit it to anyone (other than my parents and brother, obviously).  All that heartache and sneaking around for nothing.  Dang.

So, why do you knit?  Do you agree with these “Reasons for Knitting,” or do you have your own reasons?

9 thoughts on “Why Knitting is Good for You

  1. Lovely Sami Anne

    I definitely agree that knitting is great for being calm. I haven’t come close to many activities that soften my anxiety. It is a sense of accomplishment, too. I’m not very great at it yet since I just learned, but I will get there. I just have to learn the technical terms, lol, and how to finish it.

    1. onemilljellybeans Post author

      That sense of accomplishment is a great point! There’s nothing better than finishing a hat (or sweater or blanket) and going “Yeah, I made this cool thing.” It’s a big part of why I keep coming back to it.

      1. Lovely Sami Anne

        It is an awesome hobby to have. This morning I started a doggie sweater for my chihuahua and I finally finished. I’m nowhere near as good as I want to be yet but I really enjoyed making it and I think he looks cute, even with imperfections in my yarn. Oh well, though!

      2. Lovely Sami Anne

        I want to believe he did because he fell asleep shortly and didn’t even fight it! I’m making another one for my other dog, so we shall see how it goes. I accidentally flared it so it looks more like a skirt! 🙂

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