I (like a bunch of you, I’d guess) have a tendency toward pack-ratishness.  I think it’s pretty common, especially among crafty-types.  You know the impulse, I’m sure.  “Maybe I can use these berry containers for something in the future?”  “I can’t throw away these matchboxes.  They’d be great for a craft project some day.”  “Sure, there’s only about 5 yards left of this yarn, but it wouldn’t be right to get rid of it.”

Don’t deny it.  You know you do it, too.

But I just realized that I was keeping one thing that I’m even less likely to use than my other “treasures.”

Ball bands.

Dozens and dozens of ball bands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou know, the paper labels that come wrapped around balls of yarn?  For some reason, I always hesitate to throw them away, and then they end up cluttering up my knitting studio.  I always try to rationalize it to myself; they have lots of important information about the yarn (washing directions, colorways, etc) which makes me think I might need them in the future.  But, I don’t think I’ve ever actually referenced a ball band once I finished a project.

Is there any real reason I should throw these out?  Or am I just being a crazy pack-rat?  Help me!  Save me from myself!

3 thoughts on “Pack-Rat

  1. Bonnie

    I had a crazy idea to decoupage dollar store gift boxes for needle storage with ball bands. I did a couple, but it was way more time consuming than I anticipated.

  2. Sheena

    I have totally hoarded ball bands too, but I’ve started just chucking them when I’m done. They were literally everywhere in my apartment and my very patient partner was not having it anymore. I only keep one if I have wound yarn leftover from a project.

  3. Sue

    Me too. I toss them in my project bag and toss all of them in the trash after 2 or 3 projects (or when they spill all over the floor, whichever comes first).


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