A Swatch Dilemma

I’ve been knitting away, and have swatched up my Biggo yarn for my Grandma’s Christmas Sweater.  And, well…

I am not pleased.

I give you Figure 1 (Gray Snowflakes with Pink Border):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEw!  No!  The contrast between the blue and gray is way to low.  All that work, and you can barely see the snowflake pattern.  (It looks even worse in real life…. ugh!)

I give you Figure 2 (Pink Snowflakes with Gray Border):

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABetter, but not great.  I think the gray is just too low-contrast.

So, I have three options:

1.  Just deal with it.  Knit up the sweater as shown in Figure 2, and let it go.

2.  Forget about trying to use both gray and pink, and just make the sweater out of pink and blue yarn.

3.  Order more gray yarn from Knit Picks in a lighter shade.

I will sit here and sulk for a while, then, I suppose I’ll make a decision.  (At least I did the swatch first… That would have been so frustrating if I’d already started working on the sweater?  Ugh.)

6 thoughts on “A Swatch Dilemma

  1. Sheena

    Option 3. I really like Knit Picks’ Dove Grey Heather. It’s light and beautiful, and it would go so well with the sapphire and the pink.

  2. salpal1

    I like the idea of a different color for the gray, or a MUCH lighter shade. Which leaves you the gray you have for a future project. maybe something with the lighter gray and pink if you have left overs when the sweater is complete?

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