Inspiration: Knitting the Sky

My friend Jenny visited me last weekend.  We have known each other for years (since college).  Actually, we met through the Knitting Illini, our university’s student-run knitting club.  (I’m still trying to find a knitting club as fun and welcoming as that one, but that’s a whole other story.)

Anyway, Jenny pulled out her needles and several shades of blue and gray yarn.  She whipped up a couple little garter stitch squares and put her knitting back in her bag.  I was curious what she was making, and she said she was “Knitting the Sky.”  I had never heard this concept before, and had her explain.

Apparently, Knitting the Sky is the idea that you put aside a few minutes each day to look at the sky and then pick a yarn color closest to the color of the sky to make an afghan square, or a few rows of garter stitch to add to a scarf.

As far as I can tell (and correct me if I’m wrong), the first person to do this was Leafcutter Designs.  They sell a kit (yarn plus directions) to make a Sky Scarf.  It’s a simple garter-stitch scarf, but the subtly shifting grays and blues make the scarf look almost like it’s made with hand-painted yarn.

sky-scarf-kit-3 Gorgeous, right?

But Jenny is an overachiever (in the best possible way), so instead of just making a sky scarf, she’s making a sky afghan, like this one.

Finished+Sky+Blanket+4How beautiful is that!  Who could have imagined that wrapping up in cloudy and rainy days could be so cozy?

And, imagine extending the idea of using a color to represent a day in other projects.  How about a striped cardigan that shows your mood each day for an entire year?  Or what about a pair of mittens that represent what you ate for breakfast for a month?  OK, I’m getting silly now.  But, the point still stands.

This is a fantastic idea, and a great way to get some knitting in while getting more in touch with the world around you.  Too bad that if I was to make a sky scarf it would end up being a uniform Seattle-gray.x354

5 thoughts on “Inspiration: Knitting the Sky

  1. salpal1

    Lately I have seen several “sky” style projects on the blogs – all are so pretty, because some folks are assigning colors to temperatures or weather conditions, etc. A great idea if you don’t love blues and grays! But I fear I would grow bored with a project I could only work on once a day – I would lose interest before it was complete. 😦 Still those afghans and scarves look intriguing….

    1. onemilljellybeans Post author

      I love the idea of using a range of colors for weather conditions and temperature. I imagine a temperature scarf would be very pretty-sort of a shifting rainbow, over the year.

      You’re right that a year-long project could get tedious. But, if you treated it just as a little mini project every day, while you worked on your “real” knitting for the rest of your knitting time, I bet you could get through it.

    2. Jenny

      Sometimes I definitely don’t feel like knitting my little square of the day! But it takes hardly any time and I have all my yarn for it in a box by the couch that it’s never hard to pick up right after dinner and take care of. It’s kind of fun too, I enlist my husband to watch the sky too so we always compare notes on what we think the square should be that day.


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