Inspiration: Freedom

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Instead of talking about fireworks, flags and red, white and blue, I wan to talk about freedom.   And free-form knitting.

Free-form knitting is knitting without a pattern, without a plan (or at least without much of a plan).  It’s playing with stitches, colors and textures.  And it’s super interesting.  Pick a coordinating color palette, cast on a few stitches, and start playing!

Here are a couple tutorials:

Freeform wrapper OMG by Colleen Davisomg_wrapper_medium[1]

Tips for Freeform Knit & Crochet Garments, Prudence’s Way by Prudence Mapstone2041214197_4929516023_z[1]

Basic Introduction to freeform knitting and crochet by Janice Rosema


So, go celebrate your freedom with a little free form knitting (and maybe a backyard barbecue).

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