Inspiration: In the Puget Sound

The weather says it’s going to be gorgeous this weekend-60s and sunny. I think it’s time to break out the wellies and head down to the Sound for some tide pooling. It’s been too cold and wet to do much of that lately, which is a shame.

They’re will probably be lots of kelp. Which, if you can find a piece that’s clean enough, you can eat. It’s slightly crunchy. Not bad. (Not good either.)

kelp-forest[1]Dan’s ‘Kelp’ Scarf by Elizabeth Jarvis

Ochre sea stars hang out on the beach, too. Look at those pretty colors. Isn’t it weird how one species can come in orange, maroon and purple?

a4fdabc65445e5084fb4f466e973185c[1]Starfish Pillow by Sarah Sacco

imagejpeg_2_medium2[1]Seagulls are as common here as pigeons, but they are a pretty kind of pest. I was hanging out in one of the city parks the other day and I watched one eat a small starfish. It took the poor bird about 5 minutes to get it down, and when he finally managed to swallow, you could see the lump go all the way down his throat. It looked super uncomfortable.  Makes me glad that I have teeth that let me chew my food before swallowing it.

seattle_seagulls[1]Seagull by Ruth Sorensen

DSCN0721_medium2[1]And, even though I probably won’t be able to see one, I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a Giant Pacific Octopus. They live all over up here, but they hang out pretty deep down in the water. I suppose I could go scuba diving if I wanted to see one, but that water is dang cold.

giant-pacific-octopus-big-red[1]Octopus Mittens by Emily Peters

OctoMitts_medium2[1]Speaking of cold water, splashing around in the sound, even with wellies on, gets mighty chilly mighty quick. Do you think I have time to make these boot liners before low tide?

Warm Wellies Boot Liner by Jeanne Stevenson


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