Knitting Lessons

I finally made it back to Seattle late (late late) last night, and I still have to unpack (and clean the house, and put away the Christmas decorations), so I don’t have time for a long, complicated post.

Instead, I have exciting news! Do you live in the Seattle area?  Do you want to learn to knit?  Are you having trouble with a particularly tricky pattern? Can’t make your sock’s heel turn?


Then you’re in luck!  I am available to help with all your knitting conundrums!

Starting this spring, I will be giving private knitting lessons and group classes in the Seattle area.   I am happy to take you through a pre-designed course of lessons, or to help you with a new technique or tricky pattern you just can’t figure out.  Let me know what you want to do, and we’ll tailor a lesson just for you.  Individual lessons are $20 an hour, and groups of three or more are $15 per person.

Grab your yarn and needles, and a friend or two, and we’ll make it a party!

If you’re interested, please email me at

Happy Knitting!


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