Be Nice to Your Hands

It’s winter, which means that every ounce of fluid has been sucked out of my body and my skin is actively turning into beef jerky.  Every year, it’s the same, but every year it still surprises me.  My knuckles crack, my skin is itchy and tight and I cultivate hangnails the way farmers grow corn.  It’s pretty much the worst.  It’s uncomfortable and painful and it’s making knitting no fun at all!

I don’t know if you have any tips and tricks for fixing my hands, but I’d love to hear them.  I know I’m not the only one with this problem.

So far, the best thing I’ve found is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

300It’s about three bucks, and you can find it in almost all drug stores.  It’s unscented and super heavy-duty, but it really works, at least more than other lotion I’ve used.  And, it doesn’t irritate my cracked and dry skin.  (Neutrogena didn’t ask me to shill for them, but if they wanted to send me some money, or maybe a crate of hand cream, I wouldn’t stop them.)

Basically, these are my hands without the hand cream*:

themeparty-halloween-pair-hands-witch[1]And these are my hands with the hand cream**:

20101116-hand-perfection[1]*Not my actual hands.

**Also not my actual hands.

1 thought on “Be Nice to Your Hands

  1. Kris G

    I like Gold Bond healing lotion. My hands really take a beating at work over the winter with all the hand washing. The Gold Bond is very soothing and not at all greasy.


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